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  1. Days was awful in every way, story wise and gameplay wise Xion was a pointless character, never needed her in KH. She was just added to artificially extend Sora's quest of ending suffering (which already seems bloated) Re:coded's story was not pointless. Just because it didn't reveal as much as other titles doesn't mean that it was not worth your time I wish Axel would have died in KH2. I loved him as a character but he just seems to be back for fanservice. And he didn't need a keyblade either. Command Deck is an incredibly unbalanced system: I admit melding was fun in BBS but you often get the best commands accidentally by grinding early on in the game. Cool downs also seem like a cheap trick to balance gameplay. You're just dodging until you can use a command again. In KH1, you could use all the magic you wanted, but had to be careful of resources. If they wanted to use it in KH3 in some way, I'd be somewhat okay if they just incorporated into the magic command in some way, but I'd still prefer not. I don't want 1 game a year. They are taking out cool features out of the remixes because of the demand of some fans. A fully playable HD Days (even though that game still sucks, I still would have loved this feature), Online Mirage Arena and Capes. I realize it's a lot of work and they probably wouldn't have put some of these features in anyway but the one game a year policy is not helping.I'm afraid KH3 is going to come out rushed because of the impatient fans. I would wait 10 more years for the perfect game
  2. I thought it was DIZ because Diz was willing to trust Sora to fight the organization and gave up Roxas in the process even though Roxas was planning on overthrowing the organization by himself
  3. i'm pretty excited. I still wish they would release 3d on either the ps3 or ps4. I'm holding judgement on recoded cutscenes because the gameplay was the best part of that game and i wanted to play it in hd. Either way I am really excited for kh2fm and bbsfm
  4. i think that after the final battle in kh3, everyone involved on the light side will share the paopu fruit, not just kairi and sora
  5. 1) A 7 lights vs 13 Darkness battle. The 7 lights would be more powerful so as to avoid an unfair advantage. The match would just be an epic fight between all the characters, each character having their own strength and weaknesses 2)Drop-In/Drop-Out Co-op. A friend could drop in as a party member in your campaign. If I'm playing as Sora, a friend could drop in as Donald or hopefully one of the 7 lights. These ideas probably won't happen but i would absolutely love Square-Enix if they put this in.
  6. Do we know if they are replacing some of the lower res models with the higher quality faces. I can't stand the fishface in the original game. Just thought I'd ask while on the topic of cutscenes
  7. and every time you hit him, You hear wry laughter
  8. Spoilers for kh3d might follow, so be warned: In Dream Drop Distance, we learn that nobodies can grow hearts and develop emotions. With this in mind, can nobodies possibly have nobodies. A nobody is created when a heart is swallowed by darkness, creating a heartless, leaving the body and soul to create a nobody. With Hearts, Nobodies are basically human so can they in turn lose those new hearts and create a new nobodies. And an even more important question. How will Nomura manage to troll us all with this logic?
  9. If anything, find a new voice actor for Sora in Re:com. If Haley can't do the voice anymore, there is no point in keeping him on. I love him for kh2 and on but young sora is a different story.
  10. extra abilities, extra keyblades, and an extra boss battle against xemnas
  11. I thought Nomura said that he wanted to give 358/2 analog control. What happened to that?
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