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  1. I'm playing ninja gaiden 3 and i'm trying to beat the master ninja difficulty and uncharted 3.
  2. Use final form and keep doing firaga. This will drain a lot of his health.
  3. Ok. Then you know what to do (buy a new, buy a new, buy a new, buy a new, buy a new, buy a new)
  4. You know the back of the psp, where you put the UMD to play. But if your psp is new i don't think you got problem with that. The game game must have the problem. find someone who's got a psp and try playing there, if it keeps doing it then buy a new.
  5. No need to thank, i like helping. Forgot something, check also the UMD reader if it's ok. You just bought the psp?
  6. You take the battery out or you restart it with the button? If you do it that way i think it's the game that's got the problem. Anyway try and play the game with the other characters and hope this works . If not, then get a brand new copy.
  7. 'When it freezes, your psp system turns off on its own or you turn it off?
  8. Maybe it's a glitch the game's got. This never happened to me. Maybe you have to finish the story with Terra and Ven first and then play as Aqua. If you did this then......... sorry i don't know what to do.
  9. no name is the worst pain in the ass, I think. Every other keyblade in front of no name is piece of cake.
  10. If i was that security guy and had a gun or something, i'd shoot/hit her in the face.
  11. As everyone said, use four or five thunder surge and the rest curaga. The only problem is defeating him with Terra. He's harder with Terra.
  12. Thank you for adding me as your friend.

    1. sorafan


      No problemo.

  13. Are you sure the game will be available again next week. 'cause i pre-ordered the game one month ago and still not in my hands.
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