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  1. they were sent back in time/dream-wise so they could learn fresh, their alterd appearance ( new clothes ) is a result of Xehanorts interfearance explained later in the game, dont want to spoil
  2. ps3: Darksiders 2 , Sleeping Dogs, Transformers: fall of cybertron and still do a little work on KH3D
  3. i think untill something thats going to be explained in KH3 they were to dispers anyways, even the one of them that is in the present since they werent in a real-time world but one inbetween reality and dreams, so even with sora they would have faded Sora would have just woken up in yensids tower as Xehanort and then all meet up at Keyblade Gravyard
  4. so you all remmeber how it was kairis Grandma who original told us about the begging of the world (after keyblade war ammageddon) by the light in childrens hearts making the worlds, that is a keyblade weilder secret info kinda thing isnt it, so seeing as she knows it only makes sense she hooked up with Master Xehanort durring his travels and had his kid (Ansem maby) after being told this by him i know its not true but funny when you think about it
  5. young Xehanort states that by time traveling you canot disrupt the flow of time so he can take them and travel to the present were Master Xehanort is being revived from Xemnas and Ansems destruction without making it as if they were never in the past at all, apparently once they find a thirteenth member they can stay permanetly in the present time all at once but because they didnt they returned to their original time lines losing memory of events that took place outside of the original time line. time travel can be pretty confusing subject matter but i really like KH's take on it
  6. long distance attacks firaga ballonga stuff like that have one or two curaga and once hes in his time vortex thing and sends out clones just circle him and attack after dodgeing the clones attacks its then just repeat the formula until he runs out of lifes
  7. you always have to beat Xemnas first even after completing the game
  8. kh4's new storyline could focus on that, perhaps when there worlds fell to darkness for whatever reason they continued to live their (like the cinderllea castle at the end of bbs). ofcoiures seeing as Aqua has been their for 10 years i would assume she wouldhave seen something but idk, if they do make a bbs v2 the realm of darkness would mostlikley be the area for the game, showing Aqua and perhaps intercept woth Mickeys journy both there durring the time of kh1
  9. well Ansem wouldnt join him by choice he would be made into a vessel forcibly like MX waanted to do to Sora, as for terra-nort and Aprentice Xehanort, they have diffrent character models and if you think of them as diffrent then they could be idk, after thinking of the braig xigbar isa saix thing i couldnt get past ten members then i watched the se of bbs and thought of Eraqus and Ansem
  10. i gusse posting at 2 in the moring isnt a good time to get alot of views lol
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