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  1. I already thoroughly explained how the soul and mind can be interchangeable, and have provided key proof into the ability of the soul also being able to be split up just like the heart, thoughts=will and if the soul is what keeps the body alive and moving then what's stopping someone from calling the soul the "will to live". There is nothing stopping the possibility of Terra's mind to be split and have some it go into LW. But honestly, everyone is using the definition of the heart soul and body from KH 1, a time when ingame characters (even more Nomura) had no idea how all of the elements worked together, apprentice xehanort knew nothing of nobodies only speciulated (or maybe pretended not to divulge the information, but that's unlikely since there have been no hints that he left those reports to be found by the protagonist) and ansem the wise was adamant that nobodies could not have hearts, both of these characters either knew nothing about how the components of a somebody worked interdependently/independently or were completely wrong.
  2. But FF characters have been shown to travel there, maybe "dieing" in that world subjects you to its rules and if we were to go by actual movie canon, when a person dies in Hercules they become a ghoulish soul swimming in a pit, that wasn't the case with Auron meaning that maybe because he doesn't originate from that world then he isn't effected 100% by its rules. And with X being F2P, do you realize that in order to keep those types of games going it essentially needs micro transactions, that was what I meant by it being milked, once a franchise goes micro is when the company says let's take the entire fanbase's wallets for a joyride which I'm sure many are spending money on both titles.
  3. I'm not entirely sure on vanitas' "death" though the fusion was incomplete (maybe, the only reason we were told it was incomplete was because the x-blade was incomplete, but as 3D has shown us, the x-blade could never truly be completed in that scenario to begin with so the one "fact" that lead us to believe that is gone) vanitas is obivously alive and I wouldn't doubt that maybe the fusion was a success at least in the sense that ven's heart was restored yet still needed to mend,but I'll concede that point for now, but your point on how the bodies are split, if that's true then namine should be "born" dead seeing as if the soul can not split as well then there is no point in the body being able to. And as for underworld, each world has different rules, much like how it has different flows of time, I mean we could try explain how pirates of the Caribbean work seeing as the pirates are the dead come alive pretty much in that they can't die or even be touched by the keyblade in no cursed form. Same an he said for underworld just different rules that doesn't speak for the entiretyofthe KH universe.As for chi, I had to stop following that mess after two games were released neither of them even being announced for western release date and the fact that bothgames are separate yet equal, seeing as they take place in "separate dimensions" you have to play both now which means more chance of fans paying money and the series being milked, I wouldn't mind it if they were little less obivous about it, though I am still excited for 2.8
  4. that simply means there is no precedent not that it can't be done. like I said,until 3 comes out and explains how all of this works with reports or journals, it's all speculation at this point, but in a way, we have seen this universe version of death, prime examples being ventus and kairi(in not going to discuss kairi because of so many retcons at this point) the circumstances as to why ventus' heart left the body are profoundly different than any we have experienced but his heart did leave the body, yet why isn't he a nobody? He is a keyblade wielder so the prime factor in becoming a nobody, a strong heart, is there, but why is he comatose? Possibly because his mind/soul isn't there? As far as we have seen ventus was only able to talk to sora when his body was comatose. They have been connected since sora'sbirth, but can only communicate complex ideas, not just feelings when ventus is comatose, meaning that when the soul/mind travels with the heart that it leaves the body comatose, but allows you to communicate heart to heart with more than just feelings and memories, but your actual will and thoughts. Another example that I think is viable is the whole connection between sora, roxas, namine,and xion. Sora, after hollow bastion and before KH2 was simply a heart given form, but as we have been told hearts are driven by instinct and cannot really think, so why was sora able to do so if not for the soul being split between him namine and roxas, if you can explain how 2 bodies originated from one without the soul being able to be split I will delete my account on this website and never formulate another theory again. With that being said, I think the soul traveling with heart is the thing that allows roxas, and ventus, and somewhat xion the ability to communicate with sora and actually talk within the heart, seeing as roxas and xion no longer have bodies it only makes sense that perhaps the soul went with the heart back to sora, especially since ansem most likely refers to the death of the body,mane not the soul itself. And honestly, if people want to insult this theory yet jump on the reincarnation bandwagon... Then I don't know what to say.
  5. death doesn't formally exist in the KHnuniverse though, we have never legitimately seen anyone "die" they simply "go to sleep" and wait to be awaken by sora. Nomura has gone on record to say that. Either he means we will never see a character die, or what I just mentioned being equivalent to death, but as I just suggested is that xehanort split his soul or maybe even terra split his soul to be put into LW to fight back, either way, someone, or maybe both, split it and there are currently no rules saying you can't.
  6. if xehanort can split his heart amongst 13 different people there's nothing stopping the soul from being split up as well, ansem speaks in reference to when a person loses his heart unwillingly, but he is confused by the concept of keeping your ego when you give it up willingly, just like how that wasn't explained until 2, same can be said for if the soul does have more things to offer in 3. And let's not forget, ansem has been wrong before, mostly due to retcons, but he has been wrong.And if anything, lingering will is a perverted version of a nobody in that the soul was kicked out of the original body and went into something it was familiar with and due the intense rage that terra had when this happened, lingering will grew a heart almost instantly, which is why it was able to use a keyblade at the same effiency as a master seeing as only those with hearts can use keyblades. But we won't really know jack about the mind or soul until 3 at this point.
  7. I don't know why everyone fights me on this subject, buts it's pretty obvious this point in the franchise that will, mind, and soul are interchangeable in context. Every time xehanort talked about the three components especially at the final fight between LW and terranort he uses the word mind not soul, later in 3D xigbar talks about filling the true 13 with the same heart and mind. I mean come on, thematically it makes sense in that in KH3 we will see how these two concepts work seeing as in each numbered title has talked about the three components in relation to the heart. In KH 1 it's about simply defining the heart,in 2 it was about the body in relation to heart, so in 3 we most likely will see how the mind/soul/will relates to the heart, which makes sense since both constructs are metaphysical in nature Also,with 3D literally being a prologue to 3, and with the concept of the mind being thrown around every other scene, I think that backs up my theory of the mind playing a significant role next title,only thing we are missing are xehanort/ansem reports to back it up.
  8. Hey, I'm not the guy who promised new exciting adventures but actually gave us the first movie with a new paint job. The movie was a huge cop out, it even brought in some of the worst aspects of prequels (angst ridden emo Sith lord in training) and turned it up to 11, at least George tried to do something new with prequels,... He f'd up, but at least he tried.
  9. Well now the original trilogy is going to look like crap to you since jj pretty much copy and pasted new hope into force awakens.
  10. yeah, title should change to nomura dodges fan questions that actually matter while half answering questions that have been asked already.
  11. I don't get how people are buying into this reincarnation theory, the very essence of it contradicts a theme that has not only been a main staple of the series since CoM, but was even expliclty talked about in the most recent DDD, how can you honestly say that all of these characters are individuals if their "hearts" are from someone else, it kind of takes away from what many characters throughout the series have been going through, proving themselves and that their existence is their own, but if you have it so that most of these characters are the way they are and how they ended up in their roles due to a past life it kind of cheapens everything they have come to understand about themselves. I mean, can anyone even explain how this would work with Kairi, her being light incarnate for the most part, how could she be a reincarnation of anyone other than another POH.
  12. well when the did the flashback of the people that raped the women in terminus you can see that the shadowed man had something like a leather jacket and it also looked like he had slicked back black hair so I assumed it was Negan, but either way, Robert Kirkland is one of those guys that uses alternate media to try and retell his story but in the process ruin what made the source material so great, the governor was never meant to have a shred of human decency yet here he is in the TV show actually being shown with hints of grey and being a nice guy for some segments, yet I bet that they are going to completely turn Negan into a monster who doesn't even understand the word compromise, (btw I shouldn't have to state spoiler warning since the topic is for the comic book fans, but I'll say it anyway)SPOILER ALERTAt this point I'm just interested in how the conversations between Carl and Negan will go even though Carl's character arc is so off based from where he should be before he talks to Negan.
  13. Star wars and marvel, end of story, not for KH in particular, but because Nomura would in no way shape or form do star wars or marvel justice especially SW
  14. Tifa Does not in any way shape or form represent cloud's light. Tifa's light simply burns too brightly for cloud, watch the fight where tifa steps in and tries to fight sephiroth, cloud is shielding his eyes because of tifa's light. As much as KH tries not do draw upon the origins from the FF games its safe to assume that sephiroth still represents cloud's failures and inadequacy or his "darkness" whether this is in relation to zach due to all three characters first appearing in the colisuem who knows, but cloud's struggle with sephiroth will always be about overcoming his past failures in both ff7 and KH
  15. For people using the "original was made on multiple disc so episodic should be fine" excuse, i dont think you get that each disc came with the game when you bought it so that logic doesnt add up, once you beàt disc one you were literally asked to insert disc 2, not this buy one game (most likely for full price and wait 6 months to a year for the next episode in a game where the assets and creativity are already done they essentially just need to do combat and remodeling) And another thing, what constitutes a "full game" are we talking assets used, memory taken up on disc? Because the last couple of full final fantasy titles only come up to be about 20-30 gb and blu ray can hold up to almost twice of that, so until they go further in depth as to how "full" each episode will be i will hold my breath
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