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  1. For all future reference to anyone else who makes a "Where's Weiss/Keys" status I'll be online a lot less due to job hunting, learning new cooking recipes and other little things. I'll be active again towards the end of July or early August.

  2. Trolling: The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off
  3. The trailers are just concepts. Nothing else. Just look back at the KH2 trailer for a perfect example. It's trailer was only a concept and mainly took place in Days.
  4. Happy one year on kh13, GR

  5. Happy one year on kh13, Alex13

  6. Happy one year on kh13^^

  7. And the Soul Eater matches Sora's color scheme. It's foreshadowing to how connected the two are and how they will save each other.
  8. Happy two years on kh13, KHSonic!

  9. Happy one year on kh13!

    1. tothecikpah


      Thank you very much!!!! :D

  10. Happy one year on kh13^^

    1. PrinceNoctis


      Thank you Weiss! :)

  11. Happy one year on kh13^^

  12. Happy one year on kh13!

  13. Happy one year on kh13^^

    1. xKlonoaVenx


      Thanks!!! I appreciate it!

  14. Happy one year on kh13!

    1. Allpro11414


      Thank Weiss! I cant believe its been a year, wow time flys

  15. Happy four years on kh13!!

  16. Happy two years on kh13, Joku!

    1. joku760


      Thanks! Didn't even notice it myself :D

  17. Happy one year on kh13, KH25!

  18. Happy one year on kh13^^

    1. AxelRoxasXionKH


      hahahahahaha THANK YOU :)

  19. Happy one year on kh13!

  20. Hey are you able to get on skype or is the internet connection still messing up?

    1. TheApprenticeofKingMickey


      Internet. unu You can send me a message on Tumblr, I'll try to answer it. It's the best I can do under the circumstances.

  21. Happy three years on kh13, Stardust! :D

    1. Stardustblade358


      Thanks ^^ Wow time flies

  22. Happy one year on kh13, Wally!

    1. Wally


      Heh, thanks. I never even realized that until you said it.

  23. 17 days

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Reyn


      *takes off epic shades* Only 13 days to go. *Red Lightning strikes* DODODODODODODO

      Lumina: Its an oracle drive, it records the future. YEP. Whatever they see in it, they know its a future thats bound to happen.

      Cult that wants Lightning Dead: DEATH TO THE SAVIOR! WICKED SAVIOR, GO NOW TO ETRO'S SIDE.

      Snow: Serah i need to know, when i die, will i get to see you again?

      Lightning: You're gonna fight me?

      Noel: Yeah, thats right. That prophecy, it has to be t...

    3. Reyn


      Noel: Yeah, thats right. That prophecy, it has to be to be true.

      Lightning: It appears the savior arrives on the final day, and tries to destroy the world, but then a hero appears and puts an end to her sinister plan. You're telling me you think THESE PROPHECIES MEAN A DAMN THING?

      Noel: If you want the truth i didn't until now, who'd believe you'd come back after 500 years? Here you are, just in time for the final act, right on cue.

      Lightning: Snow, its been a...

    4. Reyn


      Lightning: Snow, its been a long time. You know what i am. And you know what i want.


      Lightning: *EPIC GLARE*

      *Lightning Returns logo appears out of nowhere and hits Weiss, Reiku and Gumi in the face, while i dodge like a boss*


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