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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Ok, this might be the 6 cups of coffee, but I think that the 13th darkness is going to be axel. Why? 1, trollmura. 2, he's gotten stronger and can be the perfect pawn. 3, it's going to be to save isa which is scary familiar to why Terra turned. Am I crazy? Yes. Am I right? Maybe. Thoughts?
  2. Riku is trying to replace Robin as boy wonder Hi dawnie!!!
  3. Princess X that thing sis keeps in the drawer... she's out
  4. Banned cause we already believe And we believe it is on... Netflix
  5. Banned cause the way you acted in the santa clause 3. This just got real
  6. Old Old (hoping to be new one glorious day) Mickey or Oswald
  7. Banned because I am impartial I personally like the show
  8. Pikachu, the drunk Irish singer of the group (Is that racist? ) (We're both Irish and drunkards. I think we are ok)
  9. It had to be done.... my nose was bleeding from the stress He's lying Dam it why do you tell people these things!!!!!
  10. Must....resist......The urge...... Oh yeah this was a thing with you God dam it woman I'm having a meltdown!!!! Must poke......DIGA!!!!! poke... Feel better? Yeah
  11. The free rice pudding at the end!!! .... What? ...is that guy a golden bar... or a stick of butter... I... dont... know...
  12. Riku after the botched haircut Well I kind of liked it Shut up it's late!!!! Oh, maybe a blond Xion MAYBE YOU COULD... you know what? I think your right about that one ...maybe Xion and riku love child AND THERE IT IS!!!!
  13. Sad flashbacks to the failed megaman legends 3 game and dev room DAM YOU CAPCOM!!!!!
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