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  1. Very good. You want to put the Xion too?
  2. You can fight again against Unknown after defeating it in 1.5 Remix? seemed I saw the open gate after the fight.
  3. I'd wait longer for the game, and they could put the fighting system of BBS in 358/2 days, but anyway the movie was great.
  4. Why square enix not remastered battle of Roxas vs Xion?
  5. Kingdom hearts could do for PSVita who had links with the Kingdom Hears 3 PS3. and use the second screen of PSVita for Kingdom Hearts PS3. remember that the PS VITA can work even better than the Wii U controller It would be even better interaction with the Vita because he is multi-touch capacitive touchscreen.
  6. I understand now, I have overcome all that has portals secret boss with riku, so I won the keyblade. In Symphony of Sorcery no boss to riku. So it was not a bug. When I win Symphony of Sorcery with Sora I also win the keyblade. Thank you all for helping me.
  7. I dont finish all secret potals with Riku and Sora. I think it's the same bug.
  8. I've not completed all the secret portals and received the keyblade Unbound with Riku after defeating Holey Moley in his secret portal. That would be a bug?? because I read:'' Given to you after clearing all Portals Secret'' in Keyblade Guide Excuse my English, I'm from Brazil.
  9. I from Brasil. I really like Kingdom Hearts.. I always liked this forum, for me he is the best site for Kingdom Hearts there, but only now that I registered. Sorry my English ..
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