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  1. Thank you so much i cant wait
  2. Omg thank you and size doesn't really mater, as long as i can clearly see whats going on lol is that original? Its very nice. I dont know if you think im asking for an original or not, but i just want that cutscene from BBS in GIF form
  3. So I have a GIF request because im not artsy like most of you. Id really appreciate it if someone could make me aGIF of the scene where aquas sitting, exhausted, her keyblade glows, she charges at vanitas and then their swords clash (big wave impact thing optional) I know im asking for a lot but I seriously don't know how to make one and you guys are like pros at this.
  4. Frozen and star wars have to be in. I really think it would work and personally i love those movies. Although i love aladin and hercules... please no more.
  5. I dont know if i sign up here or somewhere else but im down. 1) Xian 2)1676-3804-7245 3)Est time zone (in florida) 4) every day except tuesday and Wednesday 5)Mario 6) my connection is always strong Hope to battle soon
  6. Ok no offense to anyone, but i dont understand how people dont get that ending... it takes place a few moments or so before lea woke up in KH3D, and its braig talking to YMX. Braig was tasked in picking up Isa, and young master xehanort wants MX keyblade which OBVIOUSLY belongs to the sixth foreteller in Chi. ( I guess They are connected but we dont know how yet) Whats strange is that apparently Xemnas might be back, seeing as how Braig was curious as to why he wasnt there. And tge Xigbar in 3D was the Xigbar in KH2. Which makes sence because at the end of 3D it looks like all the new orginazation members faded back into their own time. Even saix. So although that is the new orginazation, its not them in 3D but their past selves
  7. Do you have to beat birth by sleep on critical with all three characters to get the trophy, or just one?
  8. I agree, it kinda bums me out whenever I hear that chi. Is gong to play a part in Kingdom Hearts III cuz it kinda seems unfair that many people in the Kingdom Hearts fanbase wont be able to play chi. And honestly, kingdom hearts 3 is starting to look... bad.. i just hope that chi wont play such a huge role. Unfortunately, its not turning out that way. Many devoted fans in the US who have been dying to play KH3 and have kept up with every game to date will be out of the loop when the gane comes. But whatever... I think they can fix this by adding all integral parts of chi in 2.5's re:Coded cutscenes
  9. well by that logic, the game will ccompleted late 2015 or mid 2016. Seems reasonable
  10. I'm just happy that this game isn't holding kingdom hearts 3 back anymore... I hope...
  11. My Wii U ID is XianCano96 and my 3DS Code is 1676-3804-7245 and my PSN account is XianCano69
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