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  1. Are you freakin serious?! I hated the movie anyways... therefore i like this
  2. Well... as far as i know, its about 1.5GB you should try it. i have an iop with lvl 46 or somthing like that
  3. Hey everyone... it has been a long time since i came here, anyways allow me to get into this. Wakfu is an animated cartoon series, some of you might know it, and some of you might know the game Wakfu MMORPG. the whole story of this series is about a young adventurer kid named Yogu that travels around the world with his friends in search of his own family. How ever there is only one problem with this series, the fact that its in french . I've been waiting so long for this, and its finally here. The english version of the series is about to come out, and this is when i can introduce the series to you guys . just a small note, Square Enix use to be the North American publisher for the game Wakfu MMORPG. The trailer is down below, Enjoy Give some support to the Kick starter campaign as well
  4. Is this comercial actually reall? it looks reall. But how come Square Enix allowed it?
  5. I really hope that this sound track music is in KH III, there is nothing that can explain this awesome... its just unbelievable, every time i hear it while playing, i feel that I'm Sora while fighting the boss, not controlling him. Heres an extended version.
  6. Well, you see... If frozen is going to be added in KH III, THEN I'M QUITTING KH FOR GOOD. THE MOVIE WAS SO S***!!!!!!!!!! WHY DOES EVERY ONE LIKE IT?! Chances of Disney allowing it, Hopfully 0%
  7. If your younger than 10, then thats normal.
  8. Gee, time is flying... Cant see my way because its too fast

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