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  1. Obviously Felixx would be visiting your profile, he loves OP tooo much

    1. Felixx


      Obviously. Luffy is my idol.

    2. MythrilMagician
  2. Anyone know if its coming to the states? Tried buying one on the Sony Japan website and they don't ship international
  3. Hi Luffy.How's the crew?

  4. So excited always wanted one since the birth by sleep ones were released!!!!!
  5. Without a doubt Kh 2 final mix has amazing extra content and Birth By sleep final mix is just "icing on the cake" Can't wait till it comes out!!!!
  6. One piece!!!!!! Dragonball z, naruto, and kingdom hearts
  7. Thanks for teh add

  8. Re:chain because I can't stand the card system. If it had gameplay like kh final mix then it would be an awesome game
  9. Hey guys I was wondering whats your favorite video game series of all time?

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    2. Philip Ellwell

      Philip Ellwell



      RavenHearst Saga

    3. Jilly Shears

      Jilly Shears

      omg someone else besides me remembers Lost in Time?!?!?!?!


      Also on a serious on-topic note probably Fatal Frame or the Mystery Dungeon games or Dragon Quest or something

    4. Shulk


      Favorite series is KH, followed by Pokemon. Favorite game is The World Ends With You.

  10. In your guys opinion whats the best magna/anime ever?

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    2. Hei


      gurren lagann and jojo's bizarre adventure, good stuff

    3. teh lazy prince Xylek
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