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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. been a while since I went to this account xD

  2. am i the only one who likes the ff XV trailer?

    1. Pokemoncuzzie


      When you say "I'm the only one" you are certainly not the only one. That aside, people overreacted way too much (me included), but I still believe the trailer had so substance or context.

    2. Soravids


      No, you're not. I'm with you.

  3. i finally got the cards i needed in chi but i dont have room to put it T_T

  4. im hoping that unchained can work for my tablet T_T

    1. Veemon


      I'm using an android, so I'm hoping too.

  5. must. make. video. for unchained. ouo

  6. any steven universe fans?

    1. ~DawnStar2004~


      I saw some eps of that show, i kind of liked it :) cute characters, interesting plot twists. i don't have cartoon network though.

    2. ~DawnStar2004~


      But the eps might be free online, somewhere...

  7. pffft, i can handle some feels *watches radom kh cutscene* *intense sobbing in the background*

  8. how to open to and use card plus in chi? xP

  9. i was playing chi and as i level up i noticed that i havent got the cards i earned through missions, i did click the receive button but for some reason the cards didnt appear, im getting worried

    1. Aru Akise

      Aru Akise

      You must have passed the limit of how many cards you can hold, they must be in the backyard. Use Card Plus to get more space.


    2. rikulover35


      how can you open to and use card plus, sorry for the late reply

  10. FINALLY!! i got through the japanese authorization and got the japanese yahoo account, now i just need to get chi when i get home

    1. VexenReplica


      :D Congrats!

      Hope you enjoy Chi!!

    2. rikulover35
  11. That mind blowing moment when the Xehanort saga is actually the FIRST stage of the kh story, which means there's more info and games to come even though there's 9 games so far in the series not including the remixes, so the timeline will be even more confusing -3-

    1. Skai


      What if I told you they've already happened, you're just perceiving it as if it didn't because time logic presented by Nomura.

    2. Yukiteru Amano

      Yukiteru Amano

      Dibs on the obligatory KH racing game

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