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  1. Thanks for the friend add,umm how you doin?

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      Good thank you, u?



  2. K...so i did buy the ps3 version of this game the Story...kinda is relatively close to Arkham City. and ingenious tho..but still the link is just too close together. but as i said the way they did it was Ingenious I loved the story can't wait for the future DLC stories,hopefully they will put more dlc into this than City was allowed. Loved the Dlc costumes im seeing from the up comming season pass. the story gets a solid 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ However the multiplayer,its a little...well semi dead for me. mainly cause hardly anyone is ever on i usually get up too 6 people and they drop exponentially i had one time i went from 8 to 2 players just because it took so long for someone to join,i understand the game needs 8 players but it just seems to me to be the upsetting part to just hopefully start a quick game all the time to see if you can get a full game going,they need a second option in my opinion like in naruto Ultimate storm3 you could view the rooms and see how many players were in that room and if you saw a free spot?,you would join in,i mean going in blind and hoping for a full game is a joy on its own..but if you get paired by only yourself and maybe 2 others and one one shows up...it can get really annoying,i do like how its set up tho. iv'e hardly been able to play as a joker member my bane gang member seems to be the only thug i can get and iv'e only been able to play as robin so far I do like the Random team set up,so that it's fair. overall the multiplayer is very good,the team play is excellent.but i can't give this a 10 due to the lack of waiting for a full party to show up at random,there should at least be like maybe a who's online session and who's got a game being set up display or possibly a window acknowledging to you how many people are playing online with you. (This maybe just on my side of the multiplayer but its how i am experiencing my gameplay of multiplayer,haters can hate but im just stating my opinion on how this menu/play feels and is set up) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So Basically heres the quick version (Story) : 10/10 = 100% Very good,love the story it was worth it. (still in my eyes it didn't seem original) (Multiplayer) :8/10 Very Nice,would like to see more added on to it, like a black mask clan or even Penguin and or Nightwing or Batgirl added to the multiplayer roster possibly a Red hood multiplayer skin for Robin.
  3. Marluxia cause i hear you can slap him with his own scythe,its a way for me to vent my frustration from KH:COM with those cards,cause no he can't take them away or even do a double sleight because its all about skills now.
  4. i wanted big boss's actual face camo not the Solidus Dead Face camo
  5. Sage Goku? isn't he like already a god? give him the nine tail sage outfit where the cloak is formed by the chakara of the nine tails that'll show-em who's the big boss.
  6. This Topic Explains it all i was at the Mall watching Hercules the Legendary Journey's on my Portable Laptop at a cafe/sandwich place, anyways i got my order and put away my laptop and pop out my 3ds and started playing 358/2days..out of no where i have 3 people in a booth across from me who hear the mission menu song playing and ask me if im playing 358? i say yes and they come over and sit with me and all 3 whip out their 3Ds's and funny thing is they all had 358/2 days on them as well, so needless to say we got to doing missions together and talking about which mission is more challenging and which Components r the best and which one we all used. So i figured why not see what different types of Command Panels we all use and which weapons and characters we use.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Here are my few favorites as an example of what i mean) My favorite Mission, Eliminate The 6 Giant Heartless's Twilight Town-Holo-Mission #89 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So whats your favorite Gear and Characters to use them with? please Respect and make sure not to criticize anyone's Choices of what they use. if anything please give out helpful pointers to those who would like them,to aide them in there struggles with this game and their Missions to enjoy the game further.
  7. I have noticed it too but i this Lexaeus had more lip showing...i think he always had like a mopey look. idk maybe its just me. but i do think kairi needs to show some grit and stop being a support sideline character she has a keyblade that riku took from Aqua Lol Use it Kairi! beat the heck outta the heartless.
  8. I cried when this part happened, the "who els will i have ice cream with" line....may sound and or be stupid but to me it was a great touch. why wasn't Lea there? oh man what a great scene i loved it, but not as much as the part where Axel and Xion Confront one another and he does this Line "Go on you just keep on runnin,Cause i'll Always be there to bring you back!" so touching this just shows how important Roxas and Xion are to him even tho he isn't suppose to have a heart,this show us exactlly how special these bond are between all 3 of them this was a good thread to read thanks for putting it up
  9. Black Cauldron,Pocahontas,Treasure Planet,Toy Story, another pirates of the Caribbean,maybe another Holloween town. i'd like to see the jungle book play apart in the story but then it may just end up as Tarzan 2. lady and the tramp, Bonkers would be funny to see in KH 3 or even Gargoyles would be a huge bonus, i don't know if dark wing duck would be suitable but i think it would do okay i really hope they dont use the disney live action shows that would be just awful. i'd like another tron but it would probably be about uprising. maybe lilo and stich would be a good place to have. recess? the world of Bambi? peter pan with jane? sword in the stone?brave little toaster?Aladin again? i ran out of disney ideas maybe have mickeys rabbit version try to overthrow him or something and mortemer mouse runs away with minnie and you gotta help save her by doin stuff in disney castle...or make it pete it'll be like mario vs donkey kong to save peach
  10. Aqua's Rescue Missson Lvl 1 GO! 1.) Lea being the guy that he is has now regained full memories of who he is and who he had become thanks to some people he has met in his life. 2.) Lea realizes he remembers someone who resembles Roxas from his past,Lea searches for the answers to find out that the boy named roxas resembles his long lost but hardly forgotten friend Ventus. 3.) Lea questions yensid about this vision and asks what does he think? mickey arrives in the nick of time and tells lea about ven,Aqua and terra 4.) due to Xehanorts big mouth about him guiding the 3 to there proper places,mickey recalls that master xehanort said the "master sacrificed herself to darkness to save a friend" -*Note*->(thats not his words exactly im just...yeah you know rambling.) 5.)So then lea decides perhapse he could go and search for aqua to see if she is still trapped in the darkness. 6.) Yensid says "too dangerous" Mickey says "it may get rough and you may never come back" Lea says "Whatever it takes to stop Xehanort,im going after all im a dark rescuer y'know?" 7.) Lea travels thru darkness finds aqua,but due to Ansem's past he thinks lea is working for the organization still,lea fights aqua,aqua may win but before delivering a finishing strike lea speaks out about Sora and riku and Ventus need her,she stops ansem then agrees to let lea guide them out. 8.)there out she see's mickey and yensid finally re-meets sora and riku& Kairi 9.) takes sora and lea to castle oblivion finds ven somehow awaken him then its on to terra. lvl 2 1.) Aqua got out thanks to Ansem the wise,meets up with sora & friend down the road lvl3 1.) she is rescued by sora and riku due to riku giving way back into darkness allowing them to travel into darkness to seek out Aqua i think she will make her own way out but im reallly excited to see what really happens in kh 3!
  11. i think Namine was born from both Kairi and sora ergo thats why only sora was effected by namine more than Kairi, even tho kairi did forget about sora i believe that because she shared the heart she always knew that he was there on the islands unlike all those who forgotten about sora, so this means Roxas was initially made to resemble Sora but because of Ventus slumbering inside sora crafting the union between the both of them Ventus identity took over roxas's true form allowing roxas to resemble ventus,but still having sora's memories and Feelings powering his emotions. as for a new roxas,if ventus is ever able to reassemble his lost heart and awaken i do believe this time Roxas would be exactly as we saw in 358/2 days when Xion took on sora's entire shape and form...just give sora a coat of organization XIII and he'll be the real roxas. but maybe he'll have black hair due to xion being apart of his history and he'll look alot more like Vanitas. i mean i hardly think lea put those Purple markings on his face just for show,right? maybe becoming a nobody gives you some small changes due to the characteristics in Some people when they become nobodies. and i really mean in SOME People. not everyone...just some
  12. i think the 1.5 and the 2.5 are only putting Playstation kingdom hearts games up for play in their releases cause 358/2days and Re:Coded & Dream Drop Distance are all Nintendo made, i mean they put Chain of memories on ps2 because i guess they would think people really were into it and decided "Hey upgrade!" but my heart was truly set on seeing 358/2 days as a playable game on ps3 with multi-player benefits suited for the ps3 system. so in retro speck i think all nintendo versions of kingdom hearts probably won't make it to next gen, unless someone was able to rope Nomura into making them go into a bigger system but i can't see Dream Drop Distance being use for ps3 unless they integrated the game compatible with PsMove. so you could access the worlds special finishers like in (TWTNW) when riku and sora use the two really regal keyblades that really cut every thing down but i think Dream drop itself is a final mix on it's own i can't see a way to make it any more elaborate unless they gave sora the dream of his identity being shaped as Ventus and he fights Vanitas or something like that other than that Dream drop is like something you can't add on too,its a game that sums it up very well
  13. Bought it for GBA i liked some of the stuff,hated the cobat system out of all the game,i said to myself "wow Sora with yugi-oh or duel masters...i don't like it" Then i Bought Re:com for Ps2 and thought hey it might be just a bit better...i was so wrong it was worse,but the graphics were so amazing i just kept going again i hated the card system battle out of it all the good side to this i got to finally play as Riku in Kh on a bigger system+ the organization XIII card were available And now its 2013 and i have the heart of Aqua trying to give something like Com another chance.....OMG i friggin hate this game so much i died so many frigggin times against Vexen in twilight town,Larxene on her final battle,Replica Riku on his final role in sora's story...this way of battle system needs to die D:< everything was easier when i played as riku and started my up with sora before vexen in twilight and after replica riku's final battle..i will never admit to this style of battle as good....never...ever. i will admit tho its a good twist for the area to shape the battle field using cards...but its a major pain and im still putting it as a good story to play thru in general 10/10 for story 6.9 for battle system for my personal reasons.
  14. iv'e always wanted to say im close to being like Demyx because im lazy and i don't wanna do the big jobs. but i went on a KH Organization XIII identity Test and some of your test give you one or two or even three. I got 5 and i guess its normal to get 5 some of my friends got 7 personality id's that match Organization members. i got #2 Xigbar: open to start a chat with many,leading them on to be more comfortable but mostly your just lookin to speak your mind about what you think about there situation. {basically your a BA with issues ;3 } #1 Xemnas: Quiet when alone,you true agenda's are hidden but that doesn't mean you hide them from those you trust and know. {Basically your just a really misunderstood Enigma} #10 Luxord: You like to play games,your quite the gentleman at times you don't speak out rashly unless you see fit too in many situations,tend not to get involved with the higher ups.{Basically your a gamer who plays life to your own rules unless you become fed up with the rules and make them shift into your favor...such a gentleman } #3 Xaldin: your quite handy with your words and know which buttons to press, quite ruthless with some subjects{basically your everything that is Xaldin...cept for his long side burns } #5 Lexaeus: Silent,strong,you sir are a man with true grit,someone who values action over words. big forehead too {basically....your kinda scary and intimidating...if the zombie apocalypse comes your my hard hitter} i don't really know who made that personality test up but im kinda surprised at the results,didn't figure i had something in common with xigbar or luxord. i still think im kind of Demyx Material but i'll just go with the test on this one.
  15. So i guessing you all are saying that Xemnas is looking for the chamber that is holding the sleeping Ventus... there are two chambers one in Radiant Garden and one In Castle Oblivion. but my true theories are on this...why go so far as to find ventus? Roxas in my eyes is Ventus that has taken over as the real form of the true Roxas. so if roxas looks like ventus the body is hollow,no heart resides within him...why not turn him into a xehanort doppelganger? why does he search for ventus's body? what could he possibly do with ventus? Ven is unable to do anything,he cant move he is broken. my only thought is he would find ven possibly somehow give him a heart and have him fight roxas to enable the great union for the X-blade. but still i am not sure on how solid the theory is mind you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- but my curiosity is peaked about Saix,what could the chamber hold for Isa's Use? besides even if Axel did find it what could isa possibly benefit from it? But then again Saix is apart of Xehanort so only more time is needed to see isa's truer intentions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i guess even tho some don't see it This version of Roxas is Ventus just with sora's memories guiding him as a person. because in all rights ventus should have reacted somehow after the events in hollow bastion occurred from sora releasing his heart right?. truly a mystery hopefully revealed on the third.
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