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  1. Step 1:get tara strong or troy baker to play the main charther
  2. In every Disney movie someone dies.
  3. Spongebob (Patrick is a pick ) Tom Kennedy or Tara strong
  4. SpongeBob - Tara Strong She's done some work as male characters like Timmy. Should do well in SpongeBob. Patrick - Will Ryan- His voices for Pete or Wille the Giant could work well. Squidward: Tom Kenny-He can do a pretty darn good impression of Squidward. If it wasn't for having to be in-character the times where he did imitate Rodger Bumpass's voice, I feel like he could sound even closer. Sandy - Ashleigh Ball (voice of Applejack and Rainbow Dash). I really like her country accent. Mr. Krabs: Jim Cummings-I think he could play Krabs well. I love his voice...it very rich. *Bricked* Gary: Frank Welker-He's KING when it comes to animal noises! Why not? Plankton:
  5. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-mendelson/who-should-die-in-the-dor_b_1939407.html. This is the end of our childhood.(unlike spongebob)
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