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  1. Nah not 10 years, maybe 10 months or so after kh3
  2. I think those in LA are smoking just a bit too much weed. It's just a high tech navy missile
  3. I thought this shit was buried deep into the Internet. Can we just forget that the 2007 kh fandom ever existed? Please? Or will we forever be haunted with it.
  4. Ceriraye

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Bananas are also the spawn of Satan. Dorians as well.
  5. Sacrificing Chloe was the absolute best ending, I love how it turned out. Imo killing hundreds of people for one person is stupid and disgustingly selfish. And also that nightmare was trippy and a pain to go through.
  6. Ceriraye

    KH13's Reaction If...

    Yeah it's weird beyond repair. even seeing their models do that kinda grosses me out.
  7. Ceriraye

    Dragon age inqustion

    I'm wondering, has anyone played it? What do you guys think about the story, characters, the lore and all that good stuff??
  8. The cheap candy and the fact that's it's not hot as balls. Or not as hot as ball. California ftw
  9. Ceriraye

    Kanye West is running for president in 2020

    Ugha firetruck us all we are doomed. But I'd prefer Kanye over Donald trump, I for one do not want a repeat of world war 2 Germany.
  10. Ceriraye

    Ace to make an appearance in KH3?

    Yeah seeing those from type 0 in a not as depressing situation would be nice. Since kh3 will have a war and type 0 is about a war it would fit somewhat and ect.
  11. Ceriraye

    Australia set to legalize same-sex marriage

    Ah nice to see people around the world are getting smarter...slightly tho. But smarter. Love wins right?
  12. Ceriraye

    A Look at Moana

    What I like most about her is that she has a somewhat realistic body type. So so pretty
  13. Ah no talk about boring beyond belief. what would be the point in him having one anyway? Just to please shippers? Bite me. It would be a waste of time
  14. Ceriraye

    What do girls look for in a guy?

    I really don't think you could take the opinions from a few girls from the Internet and use those as fact. Every girl looks for something different. Neverless Id prefer a respectful guy who's aware of the things around him. Or a great personality or so?
  15. Ah my 3ds keeps shutting off due to errors and crap. Dammit let me just play persona Q without any difficulties I'm trying to procrastinate damn you

    1. IItNeverGetsBetterThanThis


      Back up any data you want to/need to and factory reset it, thst should help.