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  1. In the new trailer we see sora and the gang standing infront of the Twilight Town mansion talking to Xemnas. Yet in the older trailers we see the opening to there is closed off So how do you think they will get to there? Will it be opened again? Or will they find another way to go in there?
  2. Is it normal for 1.5+2.5 limtited edition to still stay on waiting list on the square enix site?

  3. I got a couple: 1. Sora slicing trough buildings in the final battle of Kingdom Hearts 2. Doing that for the first time with the epic music in the background is something i could never forget 2. Sora Donald and Goofy being silly. I just love those three and how silly they can be sometimes! 3. Lingering will fight. Such a hard fight but so fun to learn. 4. Sora's speech in Dream Drop Distance. His speech just shows how mad and sad sora is at the same time but still keeps moving forward cause he has his friends power with him. Add the Link to all music with it and you got one of the best scenes in the whole series 5. Kingdom hearts 2 ending. Speaks for itself really. 6. Whenever you would go to halloween town. HT is still my favorite world in the whole series. So sad it won't be in Kingdom Hearts 3
  4. Happy new year everyone! Let's all make 2017 a great year and let's hope for some great Kingdom Hearts news!

  5. I know games get downgraded over time but this is just shameful from square enix. Thank god IGN is here to give us the truth AMIRITE
  6. Nmovies11

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the site! hope you have a great time!
  7. merry christmas everyone!

  8. Nmovies11

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    Welcome to the site! I love making new friends so you can always talk to me Hope you have a good time on here!
  9. I always have been the biggest Donald fan ever since i was young. Even after the little a-hole heals me just when i healed myself.. i still love him
  10. I also have to add pokemon sun and moon to that list... im already gonna be broke by the beginning of the year.. great!
  11. Seeing how your profile picture is noone... and your name has a X in it... Xehanort's theme? Edit: Oh crap just realised your name is Xion backwards so i guess Xion's theme can do too
  12. I guess you could say this video is kinda... Cool..... I'll leave now Nice vid though!
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