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  1. Cloud87

    Which March game are you the most excited for?

    they are as follows Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5,Danganronpa 1&2 Reload & Zelda: Breath of the Wild L .
  2. In my opinions it'll be awesome if it have both Squall,Zell& Qusitis & yes i admit it my most favorite characters in FFVIII is Squall,Zell& Qusitis & as part of villians team i would say Ultimecia either as 1 of the henchman/boss fights,side quests/side boss fight or a secret boss fight & 1 of the reasons why i say her because A she has hatred,pure evil & B she has a complete darkness don't believe me then let her GF+when she junctions herself to the GF to do the talking or explain what i mean .
  3. Cloud87

    Final Fantasy XV-Official Thread.

    I don't know am i too late to respond to this thread so far I'm still waiting for my mom to get me the game FFXV for PS4 & i admit the game looked good & it looked fun I'm looking forward to my mom to get me the game when & if she get a chance to & yes i asked for the game for Christmas last year now I'm still waiting for my mom to get me the game so you know what's going on with me & 1 of my aunts got me a FFXV t-shirt for Christmas last year & yes it's 1 of my favorite shirts .
  4. Cloud87

    Should KH3 Have Area Maps?

    In a way i have to agreed with you there i agree with you completely & understand what you mean when you said I would like it if there is a map but I have to go to the menü or something to open it .
  5. Cloud87

    Should KH3 Have Area Maps?

    Good question & to be honest i would have to say yes because 1st of all you might get lost you might not know where to go or which way to go & yes i know some people have to backtracking & some people don't have to & some people won't backtrack & 2ndly if you have to complete map of that certain world or location you can look at the map or scan the area & see if there is a place you need to look or to find depends on the situations you're in .
  6. Cloud87

    Which should I get? PS4 or PS4 Slim?

    it depends on 3 factors 1.depends on what design do you want such as if you want 500 GB or do you want shorter memory and such,2. depends on if you want a bundle that does come with a game & such or you don't want that & most of all 3. depends on the price &/or depends on your budget so i really can't say which one to get. If any of you wanted to know as 1 of my updates or if i already said on here i like to say it again as 1 of my updates so you all know my mom got me for Christmas a PS4 to be more it's a Uncharted 4 bundle 500 GB slim PS4 .
  7. Long time you guys since someone asking your favorite badass moments but I'm asking out of every moments in the series including badass moments i admit as for me it's hard to pick but if i must these are my favorites & before any of you asked me no it's not in order. 1. opening & ending scenes of KH1 2. opening & ending scenes of KH2 3. When Sora Sacrifices his life & his heart to wake Kairi up by stabbing himself with Riku's keyblade 4.Cloud VS Sephiroth in KH2 5. the struggle tournament 6. Cloud & Squall VS the heartless & one of my favorite lines when Cloud asking Squall what you fighting too 7. when Sepihroth appeared before he fights you in the Patinum match & he vanishes or you may say when he goes away in KH1 8. when you get cloud card to summon cloud by your side 9 Sora gave 1 of my favorite quotes/lines in KH1 when he stated"That's not true the heart maybe weak and sometimes it may even give in but I've learned that deep down there's a light that never goes out!"
  8. Cloud87

    Something I don't get in KH1

    I agreed with you like how 1 person in Kingdom hearts stated i think it was Mater Yen Sid i think in a way that roxas have half of sora's powers & while Namine half of Kairi's power when they joined their powers become one correct me if I'm wrong anyway i agreed with you what you said about Namine .
  9. Cloud87

    Something I don't get in KH1

    If you want my best guess since it confuses me too sometimes this is what i think+from what seen so far & from what I've played so far while Riku was being possessed by Ansem's apprentice he said the keyblade he was welding has the power unlocks people's heart & so Sora saw the keyblade on the floor,is thinking of & is willimgly sacrifice his life & his heart for 1 of his best friends Kairi to wake her up by stabbing himself with Riku's keyblade then as soon as he he stabbed himself he set Kairi's heart free to wake her up. & finally keyhole is complete & all Princesses hearts are set free once the hearts+Kairi's heart have completed the final keyhole as he stated he required to complete the final keyhole & Princesses & Kairi are set free & as for nobodies Sora & Kairi got nobodies because Kairi's heart took refuge inside him she's been kept safe from touch of darkness at beginning of KH1 & during that time when he was trying to resuced her was unaware of at the moment that she's been inside him the whole time because they share a special bond so strong that darkness can never eclipse. After he stabbed himself with riku's keyblade at the moment he's loss to the darkness thus he became a heartless briefly during that time & he bcoming loss and loss to darkness but his bond with Kairi is so strong she saved him from Darkness then that's how thus Kairi's & Sora's nobodies were born as for Riku he never became a heartless because Ansem's apprentice he offered a way to save Kairi his responds was i don't know. Then he gave in to the darkness so he gained the power of darkness to saved Kairi at what cause in the end he was being controlled by Ansem's apprentice his heart & his bond with his best friends is so strong Ansem's apprentice cannot fully controlled his body at the moment he restraint himself & told Kairi to run the heartless are coming so he never really became a heartless that's why Riku never had a nobody & to end it here is is how Xemnas became born. When Ansem's apprentice became heartless to gained power of darkness & tried to obtained Kingdomhearts thus Xemnas was borned as you can see he tooked controlled & lead the organization XIII & the nobodies that's all i will say about him if you've played KH2 too as well then you'll get what i meant & understand what i mean enjoy . In some cases i have to agreed with you & i apologize if I'm going overboard with my long answer full details since I'm a older gamer,I'm a older otaku,I'm a older Final Fantasy fan/huge fan AKA Final Fantasy nerd & i admit that i love being a gamer,i love being a otaku & i love being a Final Fantasy fan/huge fan AKA Final Fantasy nerd i admit sometimes i wonder should i hide this about me & sometimes i wonder should i hide power level .
  10. You know what this is really hard question to be honest because I'm a Final Fantasy fan/huge fan too AKA Final Fantasy nerd at my age & if i had to pick I'll put it this way of the following enjoy . Olympus: Lightning & Squall in the finals in 1 of the cups Struggle: Squall since Squall & Seifer are rivals for those of you who have played FFVIII before Side Mission: it's hard to pick if i must I'll say Cloud Last but not least in part of the story i guess i might as well & say Lightning Secret bosses:undecided since it's so hard to pick But however like one user just said I'm going to say same thing I don't mind all of them too .
  11. Cloud87

    The problem of "Meet the Robinsons" in KH(3)...

    True true i agree with there since some are game worlds are bigger &/or longer & some are not but however where do you think they'll put a keyhole who will be heroes/heroines to join Sora in his Journey & can you imagine how much datas/files can 1 disc carries unless they have a great disc that carries a lot of datas/files on a single disc unless they decide A they put it on a strong disc that carries more or they might do more then 1 disc. So in a way i kinda have to say i agreed with there because some of the games are bigger then others like if you looked at other worlds in the series & you can imagine how much longer some of them are since some do want to go or do bigger so I'm going to agree with you only time will tell of how are they going to do it + only time will tell of how are they going to do the story or yep it's possible that Sora's story/era is over and time will begin anew sorry for the quote. Some i might get the idea of the phrase from 1 of my favorite movies Mortal Kombat .
  12. Cloud87

    The problem of "Meet the Robinsons" in KH(3)...

    No you're not dude it's 1 of my favorite movies too & i kinda have to disagree with you there because the world of meet the Robinsons is well is a little to big for KH3 don't believe me then look at other worlds in other Kingdom hearts games & compare that to the world of meet the Robinsons then you can see how it might be a little too big of a world to fit in Kingdom Hearts 3 .
  13. Cloud87

    What if Organisation XIII members had Keyblades?

    I have to say beautiful pics man awesome job if they did end up keyblades i bet Sora thinking oh sh*t and asking them how can you guys have keyblades lol :lol: sorry i had to the side joke if i had to guess what Sora's reactions will be it's only a joke like i just said beautiful pics man awesome job .
  14. Cloud87

    Favorite music from the series?

    So all of you know this is not my top list I.E top 5 or 10 etc. this is to tell you my favorite songs on the entire series anyway to the point to be honest it's really hard to pick but if i must my most favorite songs are opening & ending of Kingdom hearts 1 & 2,when Sora sacrifice his life to help Kairi then that song played & one winged Angel yep you might know the song from Sephiroth. Like i said it's really hard for me to pick since i guess i might as well & come clean & say i love all songs on Kingdom hearts 1 & 2 & i love all songs of Final Fantasy VII if any of you thinks that's weird that i love game music since some of my favorite songs are game music i fully understand & don't worry i do have other favorite songs other then game music & anime music as 1 of the examples before any of you ask me like what I'm a fan of Shinedown if you want me to give any of you anymore examples feel free to ask & I'll gladly tell you if you want me to .
  15. Cloud87

    Kingdom Hearts III's Development Status!

    Can i just say thanks for sharing this with all of us so we know what's going on or what's new .