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  1. No, it didn't, but perhaps they felt there was a need. That's all I'm saying. See above. Likewise, being a port or a remake is irrelevant. As I said, they rebalanced the optional BBS fights. What their logic was in only rebalancing one fight and poorly at that was, I do not know.
  2. Because the developers may have found it too easy and wanted players to have a more engaging experience since it is the final boss. It's like... why bother nerfing any of the BBS secret bosses? Well, because they aren't enjoyable with the difficulty they're at. Same goes for final Xemnas, though they did it in a way that was far more frustrating than fun.
  3. Rebalancing since it was an easy fight. That isn't how it should have been rebalanced, though.
  4. This actually sounds accurate. He was waaaay too easy with it active. The problem is he's annoying without the RC.
  5. I doubt it would be any different even if they had pushed this to a later date. In any case, It doesn't exactly take much to port a game, so I doubt it was "rushed" so much as they just didn't do a whole lot of Q/A like they should have.
  6. The way it is actually makes more sense. He's got a default smiling face even when he's angry with his old model. To be perfectly honest, a still image isn't doing the new model justice either.
  7. 1a. I wouldn't really consider these people apart of the KH community. Sure, it's kinda dumb that people ignore the other games even if they are, almost objectively speaking, not as good as the numbered games. With that being said, if these people don't understand these game's importance, then I don't think you could consider them a part of the KH community. They're pretty much the most casual of fans . 1b. Truth. It also cracks me up when people act like the remasters are delaying KH3 when it would still take a ton of time to be out. The only one that may have reasonably affected development is 2.8 because of 0.2, but even then... 2. Isn't this more a problem you have with the series as a whole, not really the community? I mean, I don't disagree necessarily, but I've kind of gotten used to it and don't really care. Same with X/ Unchained X, I think calling it an abomination is a stretch. Here's another sort of problem I have: while there's no doubt the remasters have their problems (I don't think anyone really thinks they're perfect after seeing all the issues people pointed out), I just feel like the issues are kind of exaggerated. Other than the Xemnas fight which is a pain in the ass now, the issues are little more than a nuisance. Most of the issues are more worrisome for speed-runners and such because they slow the game down, and crash after long periods. I've dealt with PS3 Skyrim no problem, so I guess I'm just numb to stuff like this when it doesn't seem THAT bad. I get final mix, updated textures, remastered OST, and in KH1's case, a far superior control scheme. I can deal with the problems when they come up, which for most isn't really that often. 3. People have an issue with the speed-runners? I mean, I can't say I'd find it fun myself, or watching it, but I don't hate them for doing that. That's silly. I could see if it's because of certain opinions they might have with, say, BBS (was it Bl00dyBizkitz video, or however it's spelled?). I mean, I agreed in parts of that video, but at others I just rolled my eyes, like "oh, Ventus is in Sora now, so that means Sora is able to wield a keyblade because of Ven and negates that plot point of KH1 where the keyblade wasn't Sora's and he couldn't use it," when that's not necessarily the way it is. Hating the guy based on stuff like that is silly, though. 4. Yep.
  8. Nah, I'm more excited for the new stuff. I have platinumed all of the games available, though, so that's kind of why. I probably won't buy 1.5+2.5 right away. That will be triple-dipping on games I already own, lol. Double dipping made sense. Triple dipping warrants a wait for a price drop.
  9. Does it say that in the interviews below that? Because from what I gather from those KH3 wasn't even in the pre-planning phase. It was like pre-pre-planning. Essentially, getting the base idea for where they wanted to go, and then creating DDD.
  10. Where do people keep getting 2010 from? I've seen that brought up a lot, but without any real source.
  11. But those pants are sooo stupid, lol. His really poofy pants pants combined with all those damn belts kill it. It is better than the KH1 design, which just feels overused at this point, but 3D's and KH3's feel a lot more... normal. KH3's pants still aren't the best, but they're an improvement. Also, I like red, so those 2 do stand out more to me.
  12. Nothing major. At most, I'd say expect KH1 Sora's sleeves and the cuffs of his gloves to be rounded out, just like his DDD outfit is going to be.
  13. NicoB deserves more recognition. I never really like LPers, but I love that guy's videos. He started doing blind LPs of KH at the beginning of the year, which is how I learned about him, and now he loves the series, so if you want to check him out that's probably the best way to get a feel for his videos.
  14. Sora of course... his skill set is much more versatile, AND he's faster. His magic is pretty much the only thing that's weaker.
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