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  1. http://www.vcpost.com/articles/24465/20140707/transformers-age-of-extinction-transformers-5-villain-spoilers.htm When I first saw this I was like
  2. http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Transformers-5-What-We-Know-So-Far-67243.html
  3. The last of the dark of the moon line
  4. Like come one it the only that does not have not one heartless.
  5. In 2004 an made film about catwoman (one of the bat man bay guys) but the film has no connection to bat man, got a 7% on rotten tomatoes ,and is one of the worst films of all time.now Disney is making (WITHOUT MARVEL)a film call big hero six and the looks of the traiers it also has no connection to it comic book.
  6. I mean telling how kingdom hearts was made just like saving Mr.banks tells about how Mary popins was made
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