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  1. I was just thinking of how KH13 should look into a mobile app. I'm always on my phone, so it's way more convenient for me rather than just going onto my computer.
  2. As a major Kingdom Hearts fan and interested communications as a field, I'm definitely interested in gaining more experience when it comes to entertainment websites. Working for a Kingdom Hearts fan site would be an amazing experience for me since I get to cover one my favorite series of all time. I recently finished interning for the communications side of the city I live in, so I wrote press releases, blogs, and schedules, interviewed local establishments, as well as produce some videos. Here's an example of a press release I wrote that was picked up by local media: http://bit.ly/1KaV7xt. As for Kingdom Hearts videos, I have made videos regarding my collection of the series, News Updates videos on Kingdom Hearts, discussions videos, and even some boss guide videos to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (although the quality is not great due to lack of a sufficient video editor and microphone) on my YouTube channel, Machochannel: http://bit.ly/1J2ZBo7. On my previous YouTube channel, SoraFF213, I recorded coverage videos on the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance event in New York that were featured on this website (again, excuse the quality since the phone I was using was an outdated iPhone): http://bit.ly/1CGb8c7. I love to find and take part in engaging ideas to interact more with the community and audience since it provides a new meaning to friendship. One of the better ways, in my opinion, is through writing and videos. Kingdom Hearts is just one of those topics I can go forever and a day about because there is so much to talk about, predict, and so on. I can adapt and change to a particular situation if need be. Roadblocks to me are only more difficult challenges that I look forward to overcoming. The only video game magazine I currently follow is GameInformer, but I also follow many other gaming websites such as Kotaku, IGN, Siliconera, Polygon, RPGsite.net, and a few other fan sites for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. As for recording videos in high quality, the most I can do is record gameplay footage via PS4, which I have examples of on my current YouTube channel Machochannel, and vlog style videos. So with my prior experience, knowledge, and an interest to expand my skills, I would love to be a part of the Kingdom Hearts Archive Team, or Dream Team, for KH13.com! Not only will it be a great learning experience working with an online team, but it'll be a lot of fun too since I love working with a group.
  3. Time to get back on this website and make some friends :)

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      *dodges bullets like Bruce Wayne's mom and dad.... oh wait*

    4. Shuichi Saihara
  4. I wonder if the difficulty trophies in KH2 stack. I played on critical on the PS2 version and that'll be the difficulty where i plan to get everything on since i did it already on ps2.
  5. The hype! The hype! Excited to Plat both games still bitter that I skipped on getting the plat kh re:com, but maybe ill go back to it after 2.5. As for 2.5, not really worried about the gummi ship trophies because they're hella fun.
  6. I probably won't win, but I'll submit most of my recent sketches and a couple of old ones
  7. Nightwing213


    how do you do this?? it looks so real. 3-dimensional drawing is so surreal to me
  8. Nightwing213


    Yeah this type of heartless is still my favorite because it looks so cool. awesome drawing. i get chills just looking at it lol
  9. I have some ideas in my head..... not much of an artist though. I'll give it a go!
  10. DAMMMNN.... good luck on Re: CoM. Whoever created the trophies list for Re: CoM should NEVER create the trophies for any Playstation game ever! Maybe it's just me. I don't have the patience to play through the same game 6 times in a row. the most i've done was 3 and a half for the last of us.
  11. I'm pretty excited since it's been a while since I played KH: BBS. I 100% all of the story lines so I'm pumped to do it again and get trophies for it. Same with KH2. The Coded movie will be cool too since it has fighting scenes so seeing Roxas vs Sora happen without having to worry about my health bar will be a nice touch lol What I'm anticipating more is if SE will announce a Collector's edition of KH2.5 for NA and Europe. The NA "limited edition" is cool for Disney fans like myself, but the Kingdom Hearts fan in me is pretty ticked off. It sucks that Europe is being completely ignored though, and nothing was announced at Gamescom for them which sucks. At least they have a cool Day one purchase bonus for Tales of Xillia 2 aside from the collector's edition unlike NA.
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