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  1. It's a placeholder for sure. The only season 2.8 can release is the Winter so Nov-Dec. Reason why is because from late Summer to Fall period, all eyes will be on FFXV and marketing dedicated towards it. And Nov.-Dec. is perfect for holiday marketing towards toys and parents since it's part Disney.
  2. GoNintendo is wrong thoough. AMD pretty much confirmed NX will have their hardware inside it. No idea where this Tegra rumor started
  3. DDD soundtrack is pretty modern. There would be no point in remastering it unless Square wants to spend unnecessary money on it.
  4. Yeah this was done to sell more albums. I expect Kingdom Hearts Orchestra album in 2017 along with 2.8 album and KH3 album. And you will get suckered into buying all of them. Plus tickets to this concert and subsequent sequels
  5. Yeah joining the hipster group (since not many people going Bear) ID:51274CJ
  6. So if they complete the game, I wonder if they'll remove the f2p component and just flat out sell it for $20?
  7. The touchpad controller excuse for a big cop out. They can creatively port the touchscreen controls using button combinations or the right annalog stick if they wanted to.They're just don't want to make an Xbox One version because it would probably sell poorly taking the account of Type 0 HD's sales. KH3's Xbone development is so far in they probably can't cancel that.
  8. Left over beta testing I figure. After all they did use the BBS engine
  9. They always push it to the last minute in terms of the year. IDK WHY they do this, but OK. It is worrying to see "Now in Development" for three KH titles. Two of which aren't that difficult to do localization wise in terms of Square's ability (KH3 is the exception at this point). At least Square has other titles in the works for 2016.
  10. Besides the bullshit reasoning of controller mapping being the MAIN reason. In reality Xbox is not gonna be a popular platform of choice for this type of game. Type 0 HD sold like garbage on Xbox 1. Was not worth the resources, time, and money to port it to Xbox, at least currently. THIS IS NOT A PS4 EXCLUSIVE. So as KH3 does reach it final development and resources are freed up we could see a KH 2.9 collection of sort going to Xbox/PS4 right before it releases, but this is assumption of the fact Square has goodwill and wants to catch the players up on that platform to their main game.
  11. When it's ready. Them not showing it means it doesn't look so great. Surprised they held off on Aqua but decided to show Mickey, Riku, and Kairi looking a mess.
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