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  1. I have been an active contributor to the KH community in the past and present. I have run a prominate KH Instagram page throughout the past couple of years called @Kingdom_Hearts_Forever. My account is a base for fans to come for the newest information as well a place for fans to form discussions. Due to this, I already am always on the lookout for the newest KH information and I am an active user and player of KH UnionX. My job is to find and translate new updates about KH in the quickest and easiest way possible. I am also proficient at writing and language arts. I am taking creative writing classes in college at the moment and have won multiple essay contests. I would love to be apart of this KH community as a contributor and if given the chance, I know I can be a great help. Hope to speak with you soon and may your heart be your guiding key, Lauren
  2. At the end of the most recent Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer more info is promised to the KH community that a new world and trailer will be announced at this years D23 on July 15th. The one thing many have seemed to miss is behind the words is an image of sora holding what looks like a larger version of a buzz lightyear toy blaster. While watching the trailer I thought the weapon looked familiar but upon further investigation, I realized that I had a toy just like it when I was a kid.
  3. Who's enjoying Kingdom Hearts 2.5?!

    1. Emrys


      re coded movie sucked balls. easy trophies thou

  4. Hey all my Keybladers (thats what I call my followers) It's me Kingdom_Hearts_Forever or KHF. You may or may not know me from other social networks but ad you can see I'm all things Kingdom Hearts. Been wanting to start a KH13 account for awhile and I finally have, hope to discuss, share, and get updated with all of my fellow Keyblade Weilders in the near future.
  5. Everyone has darkness lurking inside their hearts.
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