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  1. Barry chuckled and let out a very menacing screech, appearing back into the cameras as he watched the gaurd run back to his office. Foxy was a good runner, and he knew for a fact that if the others didnt find any other tactic first, Foxy would be the one. He grinned and let out another screech.
  2. (Note: remember, the gaurd can move around and dosent have to stay in the office!) Barry kept banging the pots together, trying to distract the gaurd from Kat's arrival. He grinned, his eyes glowing menacingly.
  3. It seemed as though the security gaurd was starting to get bused to the routine. Now it was time to mix things up. Moving to the kitchen, where the camera was luckily disabled to audio, he grabbed one cooking pot and one sauce pan. Bringing the wide enough apart, he slammed them together with a clash loud enough to be heard in the bathrooms. He shivered in delight. This was so much fun!
  4. Barry seemed to chuckle. Foxy and Kat were already in on the action. He moved to the dining hall, to the spot just in front of the stage and gave another, quieter screech. He was going to have much fun tonight.
  5. Name: Reach Kurogami Status: Fighter Powers: Control over fire, shape-shifting.
  6. 8:00 PM • FIRST NIGHT Barry gave a small, machine-like screech as he took his first step outside of his post. He was growing even more excited, thinking of all the ways he could scare his prey. He grinned, happy to finally get his costume dirty.
  7. Roleplay is up! http://kh13.com/forum/topic/79618-five-nights-at-freddys-one-last-night/?p=1510135&do=findComment&comment=1510135
  8. (Sign Up spots are few! Get em while you can! http://kh13.com/forum/topic/79362-five-nights-at-freddys-one-last-week-sign-upsdiscussion/?do=findComment&comment=1510121 ) Barry The Bandit Bat waved at the last child who left, his smile seeming a little more ecstatic than it was during the day. As he roughly closed the door, his eyes began to give off a rather menacing glow. As the sun began to set, he grew more and more excited, his claws scraping the entrance door.
  9. Kira had done her deal with zombies quite alot today, though she was starting to grow more exhausted by the minute. These stupid things are starting to make me very, very angry.. The civilian thought, taking time to pull her hood up and give one last slash at a zombie. NIGHTTIME Kira hated it, but had to keep traveling all throughout the night. She knew that as long as she stayed on the move, her chances of running into a zombie would become less. However, it wasent always a full-proof plan.. MORNING Kira yawned, rubbing her eyes in exhaustion. She hadent stopped at all last night, and her legs were starting to hurt. I don't think I'll be able to keep this up much longer... she thought, stopping for a moment to take a rest. "Oi... This is not at all how it was at home.." She mumbled, giving a wry smile. (Sorry my post is short, kinda rushed hh)
  10. Whichever one is fine by me! Once I accept you sign-up I'll have the RP posted.
  11. Name: Kira Frost Age: 17 Gender: female Civilian or Guide: Civilian Preferred method of dealing with zombies: Swords, or (rarely) a pump shotgun. Appearance: brown, short hair that stops at the chin, pale blue eyes, unnaturally pale skin, and always wears a hoodie and black pants. Bio: Kira was and always will be a shy, quiet girl that prefers nights rather than days. She is an orphan, who barely managed to escape the zombies that happened to take her mother and father away from her.
  12. Everyone's accepted! Now here's mine Name: Barry the Bandit Bat Appearance: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/247/f/9/barney_the_bat__concept_doodle__by_karzorni-d7xxpat.png [like this, but more brown] Occupation(where they are/what they do): usually found greeting people at the front entrance or by the stage Species: Bat Animatronic Speed: medium, slightly lower than Foxy's Main Gestures: usually hides in the stalls in the bathroom until the gaurd becomes less suspicious, then appears in the main hall and dining area. To cause more fear, he bangs the pots and pans together in the kitchen and slams the stall doors in bathrooms. He usually leaves the gaurd-killing to the others.
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