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  1. I just realize that Birth by Sleep 0.2 was created by same engine with Kingdom Hearts 3. As usual, I never care how graphic it is. But,God, I really love Kingdom Hearts new graphic. Unfortunately, I have no ps4 for now.
  2. 5. Xigbar/Organization XIII 4.Enter the Darkness/Unbreakable Chain 3.Darkness of the Unknown 2.Hikari 1.The Other promise/Vector to the Heaven And honorable place go to Sacred Moon and Sacred Distance.
  3. At This time, We still have no clue about KH3(Except someone who attend KH Event last year ). But which Disney's character you expected will become boss?? Which one you really excited to against with?? For me, I choose Elsa. Because she nearly became villian if they didn't compose Let it Go and She is the most powerful princess(or queen). That must be excited if Sora fight with her to stop her power. Problem is: I don't have PS4. So I need to wait for walkthrough *signed*.
  4. Everything Done. At last I uploaded all of them.Enjoy!!! and please leave a like. I just want everyone can find them. PS. If anyone know how to publicize them,Please share it to me. :smile: I really new at uploading in YouTube. How do you feel about this new soundtracks?? For me,I don't really impress them. It just ok for me. because I love how KH use orchestra be soundtrack. I just don't familiar with rock and electric style.
  5. I just got my Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album and decided to upload all musics. Here : Hope you enjoy.
  6. I gave 8 because of SE never gave us chance for watching KH3 in 2.5 launch event video ( ).
  7. I got Riku. Well, That's awesome!!!! When my friends do something.I always who behind in shadow and get least credit. That's Riku,right??
  8. That's cool.That's the way I love Kingdom Hearts.Maybe We may fight someone like Elsa(My dream boss) or Thanos(Maybe It will take a long time until The Avenger: Infinity War part 1 & 2 finish).
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