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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Command board is just like monopoly.Just kingdom hearts style and a few differences.
  2. Don't forget they also need to show riku's and kari's new costume.But it only makes sense to show a new disney world because its a disney event.
  3. I,ve never played Kingdom hearts x so I don't know what daybreak town is.Sounds cool though.
  4. How long did she stop singing for? also congratulations on the new born.
  5. I believe a release window.(Say winter 2016) will be announced at D23 along with some new info and deleted scenes from the trailer.And then Kingdom hearts 3 will appear again with another big trailer at e3 2016 with a release date and more on the story.Again maybe sometime in winter or pretty early in 2017.(Unless they are trying to make it an even bigger game,have it in development longer, and have it release later.Even though I doubt that will happen because then square enix would get a reputation for having their games in development as long as they have.) that's my theory.
  6. I've never played any of her games.But I would love for lightning to be in Kingdom hearts 3.
  7. I want at least a release year.And tetsuya nomura never said how much they would reveal at D23.It could just be a little teaser trailer.
  8. I predict the end of 2016 to early 2017-mid 2017.Also give us a worldwide release,you owe us that much.
  9. I loved everything in the trailer.Now we just have to wait for the next trailer to see riku's and kari's new outfits.
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