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  1. First thing that it needs to be clear, it's that this datascape is going to end badly. Why? Because of the secret Report, there Xigbar said the following and i quote '...Even on a worldline with no Keyblade War, peace is but a dream. In the absence of us and our Master, a "darkness" arrived—one that shall surely lead the World to yet another demise...'. Now we know that this worldline means the datascape, but there is more and i continue the quote '...Amid the chaos, I bequeathed my Keyblade to one of the Union leaders...', we know that the moment we see that Keyblade, the chaos is raging on. And we know that before that, one of the union leaders, the 'virus' is planning a way to take then to another worldline because of the next line quote '...The virus has begun a strange undertaking: a reckless plot to allow the Five to escape into another worldline. ...'. So what has been Brain been doing, our self name, virus? He has been opening a portal to the Wreck It Ralph world... A possible hub world for datascapes, connected to videogames and internet... Isn't that the perfect place to find and exit to the datascape, and go back to the real world? To escape from the timeless prision and change the plans of the Master of Masters?. The end is close to UX...
  2. Zidane Tribal, seriously if you know the character, you know he belongs in an KH game. Heck, i have more characters that belong in the KH setting, but this is my favorite FF character, so that's my choice.
  3. Okay, i will give a new point of view. I never got in KH for Disney, i DON'T like Disney. I got in KH because i wanted to see what they did with the Final Fantasy characters, and got catch by the gameplay. And the rest of the games that begun to give KH it's own identite, which as the mess that it is the story, i still like it. Now i too a GREAT fan of Star Wars and Marvel, and there are points that made me greatly don't want this, and when i talk about this with other fans of Star Wars they have the same reaction, specially when i tell then what is KH, i quote: "You are joking right, who in their right mind would put Darth Vader and Donald Duck???". This is the first problem that Nomura WILL encounter in the case that he does confirm that Star Wars in KH3, all the Star Wars fans that don't care about KH3 won't like this. They will be out for an answer, enough people to make Disney tell Nomura to back out of this. Now from the Marvel side the things would go smothly UNTIL the game comes out and the fans of Marvel see the power of their favorite Heroes butched because they would be butched in the most of the case of Heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, X-Men's, etc. Then they would be out for blood, there aren't a lot of Comic Book fans that like when the power of their Heroes are butcher, then they will be out for Nomura's blood. Then there is the fact of how expansive and already set up the universe of Star Wars and Marvel are will trying to make then fit with the universe of KH, they will need a good explanation to why there are only some heroes and not all of then in the case of Marvel and one world in the case of Star Wars, why they didn't come cross a Keyblade or Heartless before this event??? Nomura CAN'T come up with half-ass explanations or over complicated or again fans over his and Disney's ass. Let's be truthful guys Nomura unless the explanation it is something ultra convoluted/over complicated, he won't come with one clear GREAT explanation for something as complicated and exact as this is. This are the reasons to why i don't think that KH and Star Wars/Marvel are good ideas for worlds, the main problems WILL be the fans which will want the body of how made this possible. They aren't good ideas too from the view of other fans outside of USA, not because disney is bad, because their ANIMATIONS in generals are see as chieldren's staff that only nostalgia fans, mankids or obviously chieldrens see.Now if you talk about what i want, i don't want either in KH3. I gave the possible consecuences, and i like i said in the beginning of this comment, i don't like Disney so i don't want then together. EVEN MORE with how they butcher PotC, said what you want, but the character where out of place and story, in my opinion, that made PotC very good, it was adapted to be meh.
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