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  1. Done, but I dont really play mobile games so I'm not sure how helpful It will be
  2. I felt like the show had potential, but never capitalised on it. It never really progressed and the characters never really grew, it just felt like the same thing each episode. In the last two episodes where something really investing does happen, it just reminds me of how little the show actually achieved story wise. A good test would be to ask yourself: what was the point, what was accomplished or set up for the future? The show isn't horrible, but it does nothing to truly warrant its existence. It's gorgeous though, I'll give it that much. P.S. The main cast have no chemistry,which is a big minus for me.
  3. Yeah good point I can't think of a rational reason, was just wondering if anybody had some particular ideas/ outside knowledge perhaps
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6iDwO_EaA3s Part about kh starts at 10:00 So I was watching a video of kinda funny asking Adam Kovic about his favourite games( posted a good few months ago) ,and he says that Disney doesn't want kh to release anymore essentially. What do you guys think? Does Disney have some sort of agenda against kingdom hearts?
  5. It's awesone. If you liked 3 and new Vegas, you would like this
  6. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind- Ghandi Everyman dies, but not every man lives- William Wallace
  7. It's amazing right? And the endgame is awesome. No wonder you're in love!
  8. My name is (surprise) Kalen. I am 15 years old and live in Ireland, although my dads Scottish. I have 3 half brothers, all in their late 20s and 30s, 1 foster brother, and 1 18 year old sister that is a SERIOUS pain in the neck. I go to an all boys Catholic school. I am atheist My favourite subjects I school are english and history. My philosophy in life is " Don't be a d-bag" I try my best to help those around me. Kingdom Hearts is one of the most important aspects of my life. I want to see some of the amazing things the world has to offer and leave Ireland for a while, at the least. Glad to introduce myself to all you fine people and until next time.
  9. Sorry to hear that. I'm not sure what to say, but I hope you're okay...
  10. Maybe namine forgot to put that memory back in ? Though that would just be square's excuse for forgetting...
  11. You need to use firaga and wisdom fire to mke the fight easy, or maybe that only works for the data battle
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