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  1. I have played all of them and I am still confused by the story...but the gameplay is fricking awesome!!
  2. Wondering the point of Preorders while I make KIngdom Hearts inspired Xbox One controllers

  3. I see your point...I have watched some really creepy and mentally damaging PSAs...some of them were funny but the rest were f*ed up!
  4. I have been watching PSAs from the dawn of TV to today and I have to admit that they are all...pretty wierd...especially when they get drugs involved. But it got me to thinking...what if Kingdom Hearts had a PSA?!? Well if you weren't thinking about it, I'M TELL YOU ANYWAY SO SIT DOWN!!!! PSA on DRUGS! Since Kingdom Hearts is a kid-0friendly affair...minus the fact that Xehanort and Xemnas almost look like Pedophiles...it would be hard to get a anti-drug PSA with KH characters to work...disney did it with ALice in wonderland (watch the damn movie!!) So this is what I got... Sora, Donald and Goofy go to wonderland and....well let's just say it becomes a Drug PSA the moment they get there...I'll leave it to you guys. Sora on the effects of...uh...hmmm...well lets just go with bullying shall we? Sora and Co. walk through...(name world here) and find (cutesy indiviual from said world here) is getting bullied. Sora and the gang come to his/her defense and talk about being brave enough to tell someone they're being bullied and whatnot. Yay.. Well to be honest this PSA could take place in our world instead of a Disney world to lower the cost of it a little. Maybe even get a celebrity to help? (lookin at you Peyton Manning or Richard Sherman) Well that's all I got...what do you think?
  5. Huh...I never thought of it that way. Maybe because I wasn't worried about that while I was crying when Xion died!
  6. Actually, I kinda liked CoM's combat system...I always went gung-ho into fights and came out of it feeling a mix of dissatisfaction and relief that being reckless works. But with Chain of Memories, it made me slow down and think, I originally played the game on my GBA and it was difficult. I was running through my cards like I would with money and that didn't help me get anywhere. So I looked up the walkthrough, thinking I did something wrong and it turns out I was...I couldn't go nuts as my abilities were severely limited. I was burning through my only method of attack and I felt kinda terrible. So I decided to start a new game and take my time fighting, and I beat the game within a couple of days! The funny thing about Chain of Memories is the common complaint that it's not like any KH before or after it, and that's a good thing. It was the Game Boy Advance when the game was released...it was limited hardware and they couldn't make a big awesome game on a tiny cartidge so they made due with what they had and made the best KH game they could. CHain of Memories was a long shot for Square Enix and a risk I'm glad they took. They took a huge risk and it turned into one of the highest selling GBA games at the time. It was so good they rereleased it on the PS2! That's what I call nice!! Anyways, that's my take on the matter. If Chain of Memories had to make a change, it would be for it to have been longer...at least the PS2 version.
  7. Well I was gonna preorder KH 2.8 but I then found out what is in it...a pin and a hard case...that's it...well that sucks!!

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    2. LuxuXehanort


      2.5 also got a pin. so participation prize.

    3. WakingDawn96


      2.5 only got a pin for pre-ordering as well, you only got more stuff from getting the collector's edition from the Square Enix online store.

    4. Niko Collins
  8. If a Kingdom Hearts game was ever released for the GameCube this is likely what could've been made and bundled with the game! What do yoou guys think? I like the Sora one I made. All of these are courtesy of controllerchaos.com!
  9. You know what's funny? Hype...we love to get hyped...but then disappointment happens...then what?

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    2. KingdomHearts3


      Unrealistic expectations always bring disappointment.

    3. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      Unless it's Kingdom Hearts then people hype themselves for anything and everything is great with no problems and utter perfection xD

    4. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
  10. Yep...wish Square Enix had thought of that and did it before you did
  11. The spoilers are easy to avoid if you don't go looking for them. Wonder what everyone is so concerned about?

    1. Sendou Aichi

      Sendou Aichi

      Probably youtube with it suggestions.

    2. Niko Collins

      Niko Collins

      Most likely...good thing I don't get them

    3. Felixx


      Youtube. I almost got spoiled by a thumbnail there.

  12. Hey guys! So I made these custom Kingdom Hearts PS3 controllers. What do you think guys? I plan on making custom PS4 controllers next! Maybe even custom KH themed gamecube or Xbox controllers
  13. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. I really thought I was Thank you! I mean if you left it there in the game why bother someone one for using it.
  14. The greatest part of Kingdom Hearts is the bit of mysticism of the story and characters

  15. Kingdom Hearts is a great franchise and I love it...although I have to admit it has some pretty mean fans. Especially when you put the way to play the games in the equation. I was watching videos on what makes people scrubs, and the reasons are ridiculous. The mot common reason is doing this is for this boss fight or powerful opponents or using this ability to easily get through a boss fight. For example, using Fenrir to beat the Lingering Will, using Ven and Aqua against the Unknown Figure and not Terra, etc. Why do people say this kinda stuff? It's not really their business what one does or how they play a particular Kingdom Hearts game. But here's what makes me a scrub, in my opinion. 1) I never try any of the special runs others do like the Critical Lv1 run. Why? Simple...I'm not a masochist. I don't wanna dedicate my life to trying to do that kinda thing. 2) I always played on Beginner. Why? I just like to play for the experience...not the awards and recognition. I play to enjoy it... 3) I will use any cheap and pointless tactics when I am desperate. Why? Easy! Even on Beginner the bosses can be hard at times. So any cheap tactics I can find I will use it! The spamming surges and shotlocks in BBS? DID IT!! Spamming Limit Form? DONE! Using Balloon in DDD? GUILTY AS CHARGED!!! I hate doing it but I have to sometimes...well almost all of the time... So that's what makes me a scrub when playing Kingdom Hearts. I am not afraid to admit that I will do things people consider you a scrub for doing and you guys probably have done these too. i am a cheap KH player and I will use any type of exploits the game leaves for me to use!
  16. KIngdom hearts 3 has been delayed...again. I have been waiting but I guess I can wait longer...it's all for the best. I know that Square Enix is working hard to give us the best Kingdom Hearts game!

    1. Merilly


      You can't really delay something which has never had a release date to begin with. If it's still within the release window they have set internally it's nothing more than an update at best. But you're right, it's for the best if they take their time to produce a quality game.

  17. I am planning to start on Beginner like I usually do so I can get a feel for the game then go up in difficulty slowly.
  18. Wow...a lot of suggestions on how to fix Kingdom Hearts. I kinda wish Tetsuya Nomura would just hop into this forum and tell us what he thinks could change. But I guess I could give my ideas. 1) Maybe more sequences like the 1000 heartless challenge...That was freaking fun! 2) Maybe give us more from DDD by showing us or letting us play as Sora as he gets prepped for his next journey in KH3. Maybe tell us what he was doing when he left. He seemed a bit too damn happy that Riku earned master rank and he didn't...even though he kinda proved he was not exactly ready for it. Did he get a second chance like Terra did (although to be frank Terra screwed that up too)? Did he just go home to tell his mom who was likely wondering what the hell her son has been doing since he was 14 and disappeared? Did he just go out to other worlds and say hello to everyone he promised to say hi to in other games? What was he doing?!? I want to know what he was up to between DDD's ending and KH3! 3) Give us a special spin off game that, like Unchained x, is sorta important to the story. 4) For KH3 put sora in the world we went through in KH 1 and 2 and give us the story lines of those world's movies' sequels. So instead of new worlds with you'd have to get Disney's complete and total insight on, just ask Disney to use the Direct-to-video sequels' plots. There are a few good ones in there, like The Lion King 2, Lillo and Stitch 2 or Leroy and Stich (they were tolerable and were a send-off for the TV series), Pocahontas (the original folks! The sequel sucked ass and it was a cheap way for them to not have Mel Gibson in 3/4 of the film), Tarzan 2 (it was decent enough.), 101 Dalmatians 2 (the original's was alright but the sequel was actually more enjoyable than I had thought), Lady and the Tramp 2 ( :lol: That movie sucked, I'm just adding it for emphasis to my idea.) are all good sequel to take a look into using the plot lines to. 5) Just keep the story as it is. Yeah sure it's complicated, but I like complicated! A lot of people would rather think about the lore than know it by heart! It's what keeps Star Wars and Star Trek fans so into the series, it's rich and fascinating and I would hate to see Kingdom Hearts go Mr. Simple on us. A story has to have you inclined to continue playing to get the whole picture! That's where games like Destiny (whose lore is on their website and not in-game) fail. They make you stop playing to learn more about the game's lore and that sucks! Keep us guessing Square Enix! 6) When it's all said and done for Sora himself, don't stop the franchise! Keep it going, we've had lots of adventures with him and the other Keyblade warriors! Give us a new protagonist when Sora is no longer able to use the Keyblade! Give a story where Sora has to pass on his knowledge to the next generations (perhaps his son or daughter?) and give us a new adorkable Keyblade wielder to cheer on! 7) GIVE US AN ANIME!!! Square-Enix and Disney need to stop beating around the bush and just do it already!!! "It's gonna be on Disney exclusively..." one would say. To that I say...okay then! Give us a KH anime! I don't care how you do it, as long as it coincides with the games enough that it isn't obvious. and that's all I got...whew...where's my Pulitzer Prize?!?!?
  19. The wound is still fresh for me on that....I have seen The Force Awakens again and again and I still cry when Han Solo dies. Now with Carrie Fisher dead...seeing Princess Leia kills my insides...
  20. I've heard this before and even then I am confused on this kinda thinking. Oh well! Well I guess if I have to contribute to the convo: Well believe it or not, every game after KH2 is canon. The reason that is, for all reasons, is to help fill in a few plot holes the games prior may have left. Although they do a pretty terrible job of it, but still. The greatest part of the games that come after is that they add new stories that still connect to what the games prior put forth in some way. I know it's confusing and it will likely take more time on earth than we might have left, but the whole thing is to be taken seriously as a sorta complete story. KH3 and every game after that will tell stories, but what kind is unknown. Xehanort will be defeated when KH3 releases, and I'm sure that the main antagonist of the next saga will likely have just as a convoluted plot.
  21. I'm back with more ideas for a Kingdom Hearts/Dynasty Warriors game! So basically I came up with this while playing Hyrule Warriors and I was thinking long and hard on how to put it into words! I talked it over with the Kingdom Hearts Community on Google+ and they loved it! SO here's my idea! Campaign! Yes the game will have a campaign mode and here's how the first campaign level goes: The worlds are safe from tyranny and now everyone can relax. King Mickey has invited everyone to Disney Town for a celebration and it all seems to go well...until darkness comes to Disney Town. An evil magician named simply Orochi, arrived and started sending out hordes of Heartless at the town to cause mayhem! It's now up to Sora and the gang to clear the town! When the game first starts out, the player will control Sora, with Donald and Goofy helping him out. However, coming back to this stage will allow you to play as any unlocked character. Free Mode! With any Dynasty Warriors game there is a free mode, allowing the player to test out characters you have unlocked in a stage you have already beaten. Online and offline Multiplayer! When it comes to the Wii U, the best thing about Hyrule Warriors was its multiplayer. Player 1 used the TV while P2 was on the Gamepad. No need for split screen! At least not too much anyways! With this game, which I'm just gonna call Sacred Keys for now (don't hate nor judge), will feature the same kinda play offline. However it will be more competitive online as you'll be competing for the amount of enemies you take out, the winner get a prize of some sort. Character Customization! What good is a Dynasty Warrior game without a custom character option! Kingdom Hearts Sacred Keys will have just that! You can pick your character and customize the outfit color, weapon color and even the moves your character can use. Each character can access a certain number of magic elements, which means you can swap out lower-tier magic for higher-tier magic once you've earned them. Also each weapon will have varying types of abilities, ranging from boosting stats when health reaches a certain point, or doubling the EXP or MP you earn for defeating enemies to even raising combo length and/or damage. On top of that weapons will have slots for new abilities meaning your Kingdom Key could not just have Defender! It can also have EXP Plus or Drive Boost or even Combo Plus/Boost! Each weapon will have three slot that will be unlockable the more enemies you defeat with it, so if you love a certain weapon, keep using it to unlock its true potential! That's all I got so far guys! Lemme know what you think?!?
  22. Oh maybe a darker tone of Vector to the Heavens could play while Sora and the other Keys of Light walk into the Keyblade Graveyard to face the 13 darknesses with Sora and Xehanort leading the charge of their respective sides. As the song gets to the intense parts we get bunch of clips from Sora, Riku, Mickey, Kairi, Aqua, Ven and Terra's adventures, with Sora's being last. Finally as the sides collide the screen goes black and the Kingdom Hearts 3 logo flashes...then release date! Instant fanboy orgasm!!! But seriously though, that would be cool in my opinion.
  23. Depending on your thinking, this should go someplace else...if it does, go ahead a place it in the right spot. Anywho! After answering to the poll of the day I figured I would talk about how a Kingdom Hearts/Dynasty Warriors game would go! I'm using the Wii U's control scheme as an example. Also I will use Sora as an example of how this could work out Controls: Y: Light Attack X: Heavy attack B: Jump A: Focus Attack L: Block/Lock on R: Swap though magic ZL: Use item ZR: Use Magic Touch Screen: Select Magic +Control Pad: Activate Shorcut Spells So here's how Sora would work out! Basic Combos: Y: Light attack Y,Y,Y: Combo 1 Y,Y,Y,Y: Combo 2 X: Blitz X,X: Blitz to Sliding Dash X (Hold): Strike Raid (Hold for more distance at the cost of damage) X,X,X(Hold) Blitz to Sliding Dash to Strike Raid Y,Y,Y, ZR or X,X,ZR: Combo to Magic (once a magic spell is selected) ZR+Y: Magic Strike ZR+X (hold): Magic Raid ZR+X: Magic Blitz Intermediate Combos Y,Y,X: Light Combo to Blitz Y,X,Y: Light-Blitz-Light Y,X,X (Hold): Light Combo to Blitz to Strike Raid Advanced Combos Y,X,ZR+Y or ZR+X: Light to Blitz to Magic Strike or Magic Blitz Mid-Air Combos: Y: Light attack (you can perform the same combos as on the ground, more powerful the longer you are in the air) X: Land Crash (more powerful the higher you are compared to your opponent) L: Aerial Dodge ZR (when Magic spell is selected): Magic Bomb: Throws a ball of that particular magic, more powerful at the apex of a jump) ZR+X: Magic Crash (more powerful the higher you are compared to your opponent) Musou Attack: Speed Combo: press the buttons that appear on screen as fast as you can. That's as good as I got so far! Tell me what you think guys? Again, if this is in the wrong spot, please fell free to move it.
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