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  1. I was pretry excited about all of it, but what really made me jumpy was the photo mode! You can take freaking selfiez!!!!
  2. ALL OF THEM!!! (jk, summer isn't that long, sadly) I would either go to Radiant Garden, Twilight Town, or Destiny Islands.
  3. DON'T KNOW!!!! SO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!! But it'll probably be something from Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts (just guessing)
  4. Riku777

    How do you celebrate the start of Summer?

    Sleeping in untill noon and eating ice cream for breakfast.
  5. It's stinking pokémon gosh dang it!!!
  6. Riku777

    What will be shown of KH3 at E3?

    You would think they will have the opening cinimatic done by now (but you never know because they lie about the release date most if the time), I'm doubting they'll have the release date. Possibly some new worlds and/or characters, and I want to see is they changed the gummi ship! (I hope not, I like it the way it is)
  7. Riku777

    Who has your favorite new look in KH3?

    Riku, Sora, and Mickey. (I'm upset that they kept Riku's hair short tho -_-)
  8. Riku777

    What's your favorite Keyblade name?

    It's almost a tie between Oblivion and Way to the Dawn, but I have to say Oblivion.
  9. ALL OF THEM!!!! (I wish). Pikachu makes sense to me.
  10. Riku777

    What is your favorite Nintendo franchise?

    Argh! So hard to choose between LOZ and Fire Emblem! But I've played more LOZ, so. "Hey! Listen!" SHUT UP NAVI!!!!
  11. ARGH!!! SO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!!! So, when in doubt, make a custom avatar.
  12. Riku777

    Which Norse god would you choose to be?

    None because I would eventually die in Ragnarok and it would be pretty gruesome.
  13. Riku777

    Who'd you cosplay as for a KHUX event?

    I'd probably cosplay as Namié.
  14. Vision seems like a logical choice.