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  1. Taking Grays word Greyson acted and began to take five silent steps towards back from the locker then crouched down to reduce sound from his foot steps.
  2. After being pressured back Greyson Quickly moves to the left of the crawler, once it Rammed into the locker Greyson move fast enough to become a blur and strike the Crawler with the second baton he had got from Gray. He hit it again then moved back from the crawlers position. 'Shoot that was close. I gotta watch this thing.' Greyson was thinking to himself. "I hope everything is going smooth for you guys" Greyson says to everyone in the equipment room. hoping everything was going more smoothly for them.
  3. "Greyson blocks the sac from biting him "Yeah! I got your back, Free the Officer while me Gray and the other two hold this thing off!" Greyson says to Zaria before she goes blends into the shadows
  4. Greyson catches the Baton and then throws it at the Flesh sac that was going to the officer and hits the sac "We have to save that officer, now!" Greyson says to Gray and Zaria. Zaria hid into the shadows and tried to sneak by the first flesh sac that fell and went after the officer While Greyson ran to hit the Sac for a second time to stun it, but the sac turned and tried to bite Greyson. "Crap!" Greyson said as he prepared to block
  5. "Okay but we have to find a way to distract that Flesh sac, I think It goes off of Sound and will try to hit anything it hears, Maybe the other baton could create a large enough sound or maybe even the metal bat would made a big enough sound." Greyson said to Gray's Plan "It seems good but we need to be in Sync." Greyson says to Zaria and Gray.
  6. That is obsolete for i use only Wireless Controllers Muahahaha
  7. "We can combine our skills together to see what we can do. I'm good at Combat and i can move really fast for a few seconds and Zaria, you are good at Parkour right? Well what can you do Gray? Greyson asks whispering to GrayGreyson looks back at the officer and sees that he is really scared and doesn't want to die. He looks back at his group."Whatever we do we have to keep that officer alive, he may have answers on where are and how far the next town is from here
  8. Picks up a rock and throws it towards the broken tile to see how the blood sack is react. "now we have to work together to get that blueprint. it might have plans for weapons or for our robotic counterparts." Greyson says to Gray and Zaria
  9. As he looks back at Zaria and Gray, Greyson notices the blood dripping on Zaria's shoulder, Looks up and sees the skins sacks.[Whispers]"that's true, But we have to also help that living officer, we can't leave him there to die." Greyson says to Gray then looks to Zaria.
  10. Greyson picks up a batons out of the locker and walks back to Zaria "Nice find on the Steel bat, I have this baton. Hopefully they found some good information." Greyson says. Greyson starts to look for more things to use in the lockers. "Hey I found some Nuts,Bolts and some metal pieces! What did you find?" Greyson asks with excitement to Zaria in hopes that she found something very useful to be used
  11. Greyson started to follow Zaria as they got to the Security and Equipment room Greyson heard some extra foot steps coming from behind them. "There are other people alive? Wow I thought that we were the only people alive in this place. what did you find in the room? anything useful?" Greyson asks Zaria as they were looking for things to use to defend themselves from danger or Death. "I found a Baton in this locker over here, there is another one that you can get and use. but there is no sign of Gray" He says to Zaria as he started to look worried
  12. "Of all the things you can do, you sneak off, really Gray?"Greyson says as he faces Zaria. "You ready Zaria? cause there might be even more of those thing ahead of us and then we can see if Gray is safe and as for Ceres and Huey... Be safe and get as much info that you can. Greyson says to Huey and Ceres and then cracked a smile and looks in the direction of the Security Equipment Room. He had faith that they would meet up with each other soon
  13. "I'll go with you. Greyson say as he looks at Zaria then back to everyone else "We should also look for a nearby city or town as well look for any survivors along the way, Sounds like a a good plan? And if we ever get separated We will find a way to meet up." He says as he walks to Zaria "i want to your adventures" He says before he gets to Zaria
  14. "That was scary Huey, it's fine now we can enter in that room now, but we have to move with caution." Greyson said as he readied himself for anymore monsters to attack, while feeling a bit on edge about what happened just now taking deep breaths to calm down. like he would do for his breathing practices
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