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  1. [insert Name Here] weapon will be a sledgehammer combined with dual-wield sawed-off shotguns .
  2. I thought this would be a possibly profound post like a secret was uncovered with ground breaking evidence. I believe in god but this is just a joke. A poorly executed joke.Why take it so hard? it's not a D***jokes are just jokes, aimed at religion? I personally don't care. it's annoying when people get butthurt over jokes aimed at religion.
  3. I was coming close to the officer and I got him out of the mucus sac, quietly. "Don't worry, I'm getting you out now, Sir. Just be quiet, they respond to sound." I whispered softly. "Follow my lead now, watch your step." I whispered softly. I lead him carefully back to safety by leading him with my hand on his shoulder.'I hope we can save this man...he could have useful information and we'd be saving a life.' I thought.
  4. I Activated my camouflage I quietly stepped around making sure I don't upset the mucus sacks or that beast that is dormant. "You got my back?" I whispered to greyson.
  5. I nodded and got myself ready. "Alright I'm ready if you are." I said.
  6. This is very exciting for me and my buddies. I can't wait to watch it in theaters.
  7. I believe the game companies will string you along purposely making you think it's going to release soon but in reality it isn't.That KH3 price on amazon? More like a PR stunt for people to **** themselves and to hope it's coming you soon.They must not have ***** because they like to **** People.
  8. //Parkour Skill only let you manage your own weight//
  9. :/
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  10. "Well, We better know what we can do....I am best reconnaissance agent in my Squad, I can parkour and I am excellent in hand to hand combat. What about you guys?" I whispered. 'This reminds of me when I finished my Five Years of Training...' -A Year Earlier: January- The room was fogged by Cigar smoke and the sound of papers rustling. A Rugged broad Dark man with a thick moustache huffed his Cigar and reading my performance reports. "Sergeant Major Zaria Xipil Yuichi, You've been enlisted since you were 16...and passed many exams with flying colors, and done excellent in simulations. I'd say after a week of rest you can start being on the field and get out of that wheelchair." He said with a very gritty and southern tone. "With all due respect Lieutenant Snow, I wasn't asked for this procedure." I said. "Desperate times call for desperate measures, You rose to the ranks pretty fast, Sergeant Major. We have to ensure the best soldiers can have a chance for the better of humanity." Lieutenant Snow said. he shuffed through papers on the table and put a thick stack of free ration vouchers. "For the trouble, Should last you about 14 months in the cafe. Any restaurant should accept them tomorrow so, keep it safe like cash." He said as he took a puff from his cigar. A medic started to push my wheelchair out of Lieutenant Snow's Office. "Tough Gig, Sergeant." The medic said to me, He was a Lance Corporal. "I was expecting a voucher for more meds. food stamps? I guess I won't be sleeping all week." I said. "Least, ya got a full belly. Unlike some of us Sergeant. We have to work for it." He said. "Here, 'For the trouble. keep it safe like cash'." I mused and handed The Lance Corporal about a week's worth of ration vouchers. He took me to my quarters, pain surged through my body as he sat me down on my bed. I couldn't feel my body, I would get pains every other minute. "I'll be back to take you out to eat." He said.
  11. I continued to look around, and found some nuts, bolts, and a couple of parts for something possibly useful. "I found these." I said to greyson. 'Man, I just remembered there were backpacks where we started....only Lairi got a backpack.....' T_T I cringed at my realization...most of us missed that.... I felt drops dropping on me it was blood dripping. I looked up and there was sacs of mucus and a large beast there that seems sleeping and dormant. "Oh god, you have to help me please." an officer said. "Shh...we have to be quiet dude. We can't just start fighting....you might get us killed. don't worry sir, well help you just be quiet sir. greyson, help me get this guy down..." I whispered.
  12. //Nothing arsenal wise. Since guards took most of the awesome weapons. I.E blunt weapons, batons, ect.//
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