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  1. i do not like saying this but im 100% sure all those keyblades are what sora will be using but the 6th upgraded version as in khx theres 5 evolutions to the keys. The one that gives this away the most is hurcs keyblade in kh 3 and khux, so with this being said were going to all those worlds in khux. Minds blow rightIMG_4836.PNG i found this pic so im guessing its the 7th evolutions
  2. i think once you beat the game you should unlock a mode that allows you to play as other characters and get there sides of the story just a little bit of extra bosses and content nothing crazy like 7 whole new games in one. unless they do what many are speculating for f7 remake make it episodic from the others views
  3. then again it does kind of make sense to see some of the old org (at least those who were betrayers ). i mean what if marulxia (sorry if wrong lol) was informed by xemneas and or a past MX to get themselves destroyed in order to become whole again and join MX for the final battle. p.s if this happens i called it
  4. 5 visits oh if only!!! Sora trio first riku Mickey second axel trio third aqua trio fourth sora kairi and riku last Plus the beginning should be young MX and ME with some kairi and axel action ohhhhhhh I hope this happens
  5. I believe he will be doing a mark of mastery test in the beginning, because it really makes sense. Dora comes back from training and then yen did send him with Donald and goofy to take the MOM test lol. I believe this could work. Idk about the DE thing though. I can just see them going to a realm to visit a couple worlds... Or yen sid just says I sense a grave danger sora upon your return you must revisit some worlds to search for signs of riku and Mickey. They'll do somthing!!! Lolol
  6. ohh maybe it's because ether part of xehnort or eraqus knows, since Terra bears some of them. Xemnas is such a weird/unique nobody... Hopefully Kh 3 will provide lots of info on the oragnization 13
  7. oh your right? I thought that's why they were in COO looking for the chamber??
  8. She should be the next singer in kh3 my mind was just blown and personally she did it better.... What do you think??
  9. But what if Terra has part of Eraqus inside of him... when Terra heart was taken only a part was taken by MX because Eraqus let his heart be taken in place of his. which is another scene that i don't understand, how are they evening talking (MX and ME)? But like you said what if only his mind and emotions are the LW and he needs to find it to become whole again... this doesnt really correlate but it just hit me!! You can only fight the LW after you defeat Xemnas... you have to destroy the nobody and heartless to become whole again soo what if xemnas is half MX and terras nobody. what if LW is actually terras heartless thus bringing him back to life when defeated. This would also explain how he knows Sora in the scene where he says "Sora" because that takes place after KH 2 because aqua finds ATW (she does know Sora remember she told him to always keep Riku on the right path). Lastly is Ven, Terra knows where Ven is due to his Nobody knowledge of the chamber of sleep or whatever its called.... but it still does not make sense because how did Ven move?? maybe your right and i'm over thinking.
  10. what if it's just emotions and just like all the other nobody's he'll soon grow a heart??? I also would love for someone to explain the ending of bss when terra and ven say sora....like how is this possible did terra do like ven did with sora and went into vens heart? Personally I thought he was talking about eraqus and went into his heart because MX says erquas you sly fox so maybe he did something to ven and terra kh3 better have answers lol
  11. When the square Enix does that ding noise and you don't know what game it is then they show kingdom hearts and you just drop dead
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