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About Me

:3 Welcome to My Profile <3 


My name is Felicia, can be called as Feli or Fei; Indonesian woman,

Graduated / former student of Informatics Business Department, Freelance Soloist, Lazy Youtuber.

Indonesian is my mother language, but sometimes I speak in English.


I have Interests in :

- Kingdom Hearts Series

- Final Fantasy Series

- Horror Game : Fatal Frame, Silent Hill

- Music and Rhythm Game : Audition Portable, Pump it Up, DJ Max, Cytus.

- Korean Variety Show : Running Man, Unpretty Rapstar, Show Me The Money, Infinity Challenge

- Music : J-POP, K-POP, Rap, RnB, Pop, Rock, EDM, Hip-Hop

- Photography

- Movie

- Traveling

- Singing

- Reviewing about products or Tourism Objects


Kingdom Hearts II is my favorite Kingdom Hearts series, and my favorite character are Sora, Riku (male) and Kairi, Namine (Female)


Social Media Links and Account (Please add, follow, Subscribe if you want to) :

Facebook (Active Here)


Youtube Channel (Active Here)


Instagram (IG) - I Have 2 Accounts so kindly follow both of them :

@lucishearts93 (active here, Main Account of FFXV and KH posts)

@felfei93 (personal account)

LINE : feliciafei93 (Active Here)


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