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  1. at least I have said what I want to say

  2. Hello all KH13.com both old and new members! It's me Felicia! I wonder if old members are still remembering me till at present? And for new members who haven't known me, nice to meet you all. It's nice to return here after I have been "Missing" for almost a year and 2 months. I can explain why I was missing back then and can return here. It'll be long, so you have better be prepared. The first reason was, somehow, I couldn't connect my Facebook account to KH13.com. I always log in using my Facebook account to this forum, I didn't know why, a year ago, seemed the connection between Facebook and KH13.com was in trouble. And somehow, Administrator team have solved the problem and now I can log in here using my Facebook account! Well done guys! Second, well, I had problem with my best friend, who is KH fans and also my ex partner aka co-worker. I don't think it's wise idea to tell the full story here. The main point is we had a trouble each other back then, and she decided to cut my friendship with her and also our partnership in works by herself. Yeah, of course, it's sad to lose someone like her, who have been friending me like sisters (I won't mention her since she's also a member here). It caused great impact towards my interest to Kingdom Hearts, so I stayed away from KH for a while till I completely moved on from my problems. (if this user is still here and active here, sorry If I have mentioned you once again after a year you unfriended me, just think me as outsiders, and I don't know you.) Third, Well, aside Kingdom Hearts, I also played Final Fantasy XV a lot. So this series, took me away from KH for a while, and good reason to make me move on from my problems back then. I can't say that I completely forget some members here, I still recognize some : yuya sakaki, SorRik, soravids, the transcendent key, veemon, toominator, churro, paranoia, soraspromise, weedanort, soboz, Harlea Quinn, jake, javelin434, aquaberry, Visit Joan I wonder if they still recognize me after a year we haven't seen each other. And for someone whom I knew back then, but I forgot them, I'm apologize. What have I done and missed in a year? Talk about missed... maybe a lot of KH updates, since I was focusing on Final Fantasy XV. and also new members here. Talk about What I have done... Well, not special, and yeah I have made some changes. I have had quit from Cosplay world, since I want to do something else for better future of my family line. In the other words, I decide to quit since I want to do serious relationship with a man, and get married soon, since I'm almost Quarter of Century. And.... Here's the news guys, now I'm currently in relationship with a man, who is also Kingdom Hearts fans and a new partner or co-worker of me (you can see the pic of me and him at my Facebook Profile Picture) Still do singing, although I often record it anymore. Active at IG fan account for Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts that I have created (@lucishearts93 , if you want to follow, sure) Focusing my self on traveling to foreign country (Japan, Europe) and preparing my self for my future (engagement, marriage, run a family, investment). Still playing game, one of it is Kingdom Hearts series (I and my boyfriend often play this), Final Fantasy XV, Tekken 7, and dissidia NT. Learning photography. Especially figure photography, nature Watching some korean dan japanese drama. If you ask me the titles, they're a lot! Enjoying my free time with my college friends and school friends in Real Life. they are also important parts in my life, and they also helped me much during my relationship my boyfriend. Quit playing Kingdom Hearts UX. Focusing on my job, looking for better environment in my work experience. That's all that I can say right now. I hope still can do active here like before, and get closer to Kingdom Hearts once again like I used to be. For old members, how are you? I hope you're doing okay, wherever you are
  3. Happy Birthday Lea!! Wish you always the best!
  4. Woah nice to return to this community after a year and 3 months

  5. Hi guys, In this thread, I just wanna ask, especially to anyone who purchase Sora Kingdom Hearts 3 Playarts Kai. I wonder if anyone here have the same trouble just like me. Well, I try to attach Sora Keyblade to the hand (look at the manual inside the box), but it's too tight, It's hard to attach it. Since It's the first time I own Playarts Kai, I'm too scared to attach it, I'm worried if I can broke his hand. I wonder if anyone here can attach it to the hand? Update : Somehow I can attach, but I feel bad with the hand, since I use little force to attach the keyblade into the hand. Thank you for the answers. Ps : dear mods, kindly move the thread to the right place in case I post it at wrong place.
  6. Being professional vocalist or maybe do something in music for my career and future, and also being a good person for anyone.
  7. Have become silence reader then...

  8. Ah. I think that too. And also, my friend told me it was bring arts. I'm not sure what it is (maybe the same as figma things). I wonder if SE has had known about this.
  9. A six inch PVC figurine of Sora from Kingdom Hearts III will be available June 17th, 2017 for the Japanese audience. A number of Sora's poses from the game can be recreated, according to the official Square Enix e-Store for Japan the model attempts to replicate the in-game CG. Along with Sora and his new Keyblade (name unknown as of this article), the Bring Arts features the Two Shot Blasters (unofficial name), a replacement face and six replacement hands. The figurine is priced at $61, £48 or €57 including tax and can be purchased here, however AmiAmi has listed the figurine at a price of $45, £36 or €42. Please be sure to double check AmiAmi for any extra costs such as shipping. You can view the Bring Arts Sora below. UPDATE: The Kingdom Hearts III Sora Bring Arts figure is now available for pre-order on the North American Square Enix store. It has an approximate release of August 2017 and is available at a price of $69.99 USD. You can check out the official English description below. Click here to view the article
  10. Hello all, just want to announce you that now I have PSN account, kindly add me : @feichan93 ! I'll see you there :D

  11. Sorry not being here for a long time since I'm playing Final Fantasy XV much lately , here are my latest photos.
  12. Finally My Kingdom Hearts 3 play arts kai has arrived! Can't wait to do the unboxing, but... After my room has been repaired.

  13. Happy new year all, wish u I have good prosperity this year and more better than last year, GBU

  14. I wonder if It's true or not, had better have bad lucks in the end of the year than bad lucks in a new year?

  15. I'm sorry if I'm late, Merry Christmas Dear All Kh13.com members, wish you have wonderful christmas day this year. God Bless you all!

  16. Merry Christmas all, Wish u have good christmas day this year! God Bless you all!
  17. sudden cover song, then.

    (second entry as well)
  18. 2nd entry, and this is the last entry. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/103111-2-last-my-kingdom-hearts-28-hd-ga-last-entry-hikari-simple-and-clean-cover-song/
  19. Hello guys. This is my 2nd entry for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Give Away, and this is the last entry of mine. This time I do the cover song of Hikari combined with Simple And Clean. I try to do the ballad version (or you can call it slow version), as one of my training for my vocal lesson. Actually I did this so sudden, since there is something bothering me, and I think I should do this. I hope you can enjoy the song, and this is my real voice (if you don't know my voice). I'm sorry for the bad recording and singing to0. I Promise I'll do my best to improve my singing skill in the future.
  20. Got my ps4 luna edition yesterday then the kh one is announced. My bad. But it's okay, I like the luna one xD

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    2. Sora


      Xiro meant it looks cool, don't worry ^^

    3. Xiro


      ^Yeah. It's not like looking at it makes me physically sick xD

    4. Felicia Novita

      Felicia Novita

      Oh I'm sorry for misunderstanding! Gomenasai, xiro! Thank you sora for clearing!

      Yeah. It's quite bad that I bought too early before kh one is announced, but hey. At least I got the unit yesterday after out of stock last week.

  21. Thanks. And btw, in case you ran out of munny, you can use some unused stuffs, you can create or transform them into cosplay property.
  22. Actually I never sing a song in ballad version. Well, maybe I should try it for the next project...

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