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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. *stretch*hey, hows it going

  2. You have the location already, we left a note on the fridge or the table for your character to read. Heh, do you remember cam?
  3. Hello kh13, scion is here, we are back!

  4. Sorry for posting so late. we are working on getting back to the rp{g} really soon we are stocked up with work and projects. your favorite Duo will be back soon once again sorry. heh!
  5. *Avoiding Spoilers*

    1. Pokemoncuzzie


      xD Good luck with those ones :P
  6. As the morning sun rose, smoke covers the air in a thick smog. Debris, and rubble generously covers most of the area. His head filled with an intense twinge of a headache. 'I think I've gone nuts but I'm sure that wasn't my own thought...That felt weird.' Sasori didn't feel comfortable knowing that who ever they were was inside his mind. 'Maybe I'm starting to get even more stir crazy...eh at leasts it keeps me from boredom.' Climbing down from the roof he started to question the voice ' Why would they need labour worker like me, I don't trust it. ah well I think on this more when I get home.' getting to the ground sasori check his watch for the time and ses that it is 6:40 in the morning "Great I have work in a few, after a night like that? Man I need break." Sasori said as he started to walk home once more. As he walked home he saw the same soldier he knocked out, he was just wearing a thin shirt with black tights. "Here. This was something I guess I needed for a bit." He threw the Dog tags back at the soldier. The Soldier stood there confused as sasori gave back his uniform. Sasori had a dress shirt and his pants on. "Don't worry about the coat, I have a lot of those at home. See ya." The soldier seemed grateful and smiled with some of his teeth gone. 'I guess I hit him a bit too hard.' The soldier then started walking off. 'Must have been a mute...' Sasori then continued to fiddle with the thought he had while he was getting closer to home. 'If it's fake then the address she gave me won't exist...I will never know it's legitimacy if I continue to wonder. I'll go.' He started to think of where would it be, He felt the thought trickle in his head. 'A place called Straven Tower in North West Darburbs...I have never heard of it...I'm going to skip work and get some rest. Besides The boss owes me for working overtime. He can't get me for not showing up.' Sasori smiled he eventually got home, He saw his reflection on the front window of his home. "You look like hell, but Still a Handsome Devil." He winked at his own reflection. His hair was very Wildly messy, He had dirt on his face and pants. Sasori walked in his house and got in bed and went to sleep, an image of Straven tower started to slowly appear, A grassy grovy area, with a tower Standing in the middle of it, he can hear the voice saying over and over that they need him and his Bane Ability. after waking up he opened his eyes and sat up 'huh, I had a dream about the tower, you know what? I'm going there right now then!' Sasori got up, took a shower and and started to get dressed and left his house to go to Straven tower in the north west. as he was walking down the street he noticed how some of the people were acting suspicious. 'wierd.. the people are watching closely like they are ready to attack at any moment.' Sasori thought to himself. he turned diagonally left so he can go to the tower. as kept walking, he drank some water to keep himself hydrated and the area started to go from building to more of a forest like area with vines and roots growing on the buildings and some trees where buildings should be. He like the trees and plants that were around him, he noticed a tall tower in the distance and a huge smile slowly grew on his face 'Sooo, it is real huh? looks like i'm in for one hell of an adventure today!' Sasori thought happily and began to walk faster to the tower. As he got through the forest he saw the how tall the tower was and began to walk up to the front door and knock on it.
  7. I think there should be multiple visits for all worlds. SInce supposedly they are going to make the worlds very big. More missions, More cutscenes, More gameplay hours and perhaps adding difficulty depending on said missions.
  8. Seeing all the destruction happening from the Duo Sasori began to Quickly leave to the North Darburbs making it back to Central Sasori looked back and said "That would've been the death of me! that group is done for if they don't leave." Sasori climbed up a building to get a good view of the Destruction "I want to see the out come of this battle" sasori says then getting into a crouching position on the rooftop with enough shadowing "Right here is Good enough. now i can seethe whole battlefield. No one should be able to see me." Looking over towards North Darburb. Sasori wanted to watch how it played out, Seeing many die and few surviving. He wanted to see if there's any hope. Strategically he was weak and tactically he was at a major disadvantage. Sasori felt that if these people died then he would be closer to finding out information about Northtopia and how to take it down. He knew it wouldn't take a day or a week for that to happen and so he decided to dedicate his life to taking down Northtopia. Seeing so many people die for freedom and a better world. He didn't want those souls to be forgotten, he held the dogtags of the person he knocked out to get their uniform. The dogtags were old but barely illegible. it seemed as if the dogtags were generations old and been apart of many wars. 'When given the chance...I should give these back.' Sasori Thought.
  9. DS3 Please. Praise The Sun!

  10. DS3 Please. Praise The Sun!

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