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  1. I wish the key we get from tangled is a frying pan key : ^ )
  2. While watching the trailer I saw this,look carefully on the key and behold the cannon / umbrella gun stages. ==== Ok so holding the keyblade on the other side ----- And this slash, while the keyblade is on the other side, or the keyblade has faster hits. Is that a dolphin near the slash >_>" ---- Look carefully at the key changing stages. ==== Ok so the stages for the cannon is: 1- hold the key from the other side 2- hit the enemy to make it bigger 3- bam cannon appears === Btw maybe you need to hit the enemies to make the cannon bigger (on the land) , but in air you can do it easily. Idk maybe?.
  3. No wonder http://attackofthefanboy.com/news/square-enix-to-show-something-secret-at-tokyo-game-show-2015/ This explains All!
  4. Wait the dark baymax is made of the hate, since he removed the medical card from his system and he left the "skull tag" card in him, making him evil ---- Or he will became a heartless since The robots has no hearts, maybe heartless will gather to make a black heart inside him making him alive and forgetting memories of hiro and his friends , and thinks that hiro made a replacement of him and want to kill hiro and his friends --- Those are my theories so I am not sure
  5. Ok so, I guess I am late, but I saw that these worlds are all connected to the light/good side VS the dark/bsd guys, so I would say frozen was elsa VS her powers , that she couldn't control her power,, and I guess we will fight the giant ice as a boss" next is wreck it ralph , I would love to see a world full of candies , and a candy keyblade or we will get a candy cane as a keyblade *-* oh god
  6. So I thought of those games on Ps4 or xbox one ,some of the games have a spilt screen game play so if they make an unlockable gameplay to play as Sora or goofy or donald, player1 ,player2 , they can pick with what they want to play, so yeah to get this unlockable you need to finish KH3 in "crit or proud mode" and then you can replay the game with another player. An ex of the split screen: " the game is resident evil on Ps4" http://assets.vg247.com/current//2012/08/2467b.jpg What do you think about it?
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