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  1. I always thought Unreal Engine was perfect for Kingdom Hearts and Luminous Engine is still in development as Final Fantasy XV as.
  2. What do you mean by multi-layered character, ladydualwieldin? Ahahahahah Pangoro "Sen"
  3. My answer is yes, but I would like to answer also no.
  4. I'm so excited. I can't wait for the new Dearly Beloved (2.8). I hope she had fun with this experience
  5. Thank you in advance. It's just my curiosity, I'm going to buy this game, but I'm too curious about his story.
  6. Sora Beloved

    Favorite Other Square Enix Game/Game Series?

    The World Ends With You
  7. Sora Beloved

    Are you excited for the new Jump Festa trailer?

    Yes, absolutely
  8. I play Kingdom Hearts when I can
  9. Sora Beloved

    How can I backup data in KHUx?

    Thanks, I used this guide too.
  10. Sora Beloved

    What do you think about Sora's DDD outfit?

    It's cool, but not the best
  11. I found KH with the let's play
  12. Sora Beloved

    Hi, I'm new of here and I'm very excited about thus

    Don't worry. Thanks, anyway. I'm liking it? I'm loving it
  13. Sora Beloved

    Hi, I'm new of here and I'm very excited about thus

    Thanks everybody, anyway, sorry Pachirisu but I don't really like Pokemon