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  1. Hey guys, Cloudmighty here! Today guys I finally completed the second version of a complete level 1 encounter guide for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (PS4). This guide covers every encounter from every world (including bonus visits such as Space Paranoids 2, Pride Lands 1&2, Olympus Coliseum etc.) But doesn't include optional bosses such as Sephiroth, Data Org or Lingering Will. Optional bosses will be included in a separate playlist, if people want it and assuming this walkthrough is well received! This guide is designed to be for people who have already played through the game but would like to perhaps challenge themselves with a level 1 play through. Each video covers both bosses and any forced encounter you come across during a standard play through. Each strategy is designed to be relatively easy to follow whilst also being efficient, some fights also include an optional 'hard-mode' strategy if you want to challenge yourself further still! I have thoroughly enjoyed this as a personal challenge and hope to help at least one person out there that might be struggling at some point during their level 1 play through. I had previously done this a couple of years ago for the PS3 version of the game. Since that time of course strategies have improved so I am now hoping that this guide is definitive. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or suggestions, send me a message, I am always willing to chat! tl;dr This is a level 1 encounter walkthrough for KH2.5
  2. A lot of the strats come from speedrunners (Bizkit, LiquidWifi etc) but in a way that slows the fights down and makes the fights easier to manage for more casual players (including me) and some strats I literally had to just make up. I never plan to speedrun. I am no where near good enough for that. This was more of a personal challenge for me and hopefully an easier way for people to get through the game at level 1 Thank you for the feedback!
  3. Update! The Xigbar and Luxord fights have been uploaded and the Saix, Xemnas, Armored Xemnas/Dragon Xemnas and Final Xemnas have been recorded and will be up over the next few days! All no damage fights! I finally did it!
  4. I agreed with a lot of points in this video. One thing that wasn't touched upon however is Level 1 Crit. Since a lot of the complaints centered on lack of needed strategy or the lack of any explanation on things like "Revenge Value" etc within the game. I've just completed and recorded a full level 1 run of the game with all (no damage) fights and I can absolutely tell you that strategy is absolutely needed, along with a rather deep understanding of the game mechanics. None of this is found within the game and has to be figured out by people (I had to develop my own strategies for some fights). Figuring out these strategies was both rewarding and infuriating, since as the video tells us - a lot of the combat is in the form of RCs and "flashy combat scenes". What I will say though (and I am speaking as a casual player here) is that I have never enjoyed combat more than I have in this game in any other. But I absolutely agree that the lack of basic tutorials on a lot of the game's mechanics is very disappointing!
  5. Hey guys I've been working hard on a video playlist walkthrough for KH2.5 at Level 1 now for a few months and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! You can check it out in this thread here: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/97097-kh-25-level-1-critical-mode-bossencounter-video-walkthrough/ This fight in-particular is my favorite so I thought I'd post it separately for people to see! I've included the cut scene that takes place after the battle! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHYgtKsqQrU&feature=youtu.be Feedback welcome! Thank you!
  6. Update! Mount Olympus 2, Space Paranoids 2 the Mansion Encounters and an intermission section (leveling forms making munny etc) are up as well as the best encounter in the game - Roxas! Xigbar fight already recorded - editing in progress =)
  7. Hey Guys! After a lot of practice and .... a lot of failing I managed to get this done finally!!! This is a video showcase of the Sephiroth fight at Level 1, with just the Kingdom Key and no armor or accessories. Trying to do this without damage taken is so damn hard. Especially since he can teleport next to you and give you literally no time to react! Do be warned! There is some PG18+ language used in this video! Let me know what you think
  8. Hey guys, Cloudmighty here! It's done! The entire walkthrough has now been completed! 100s of hours (most of those hours were me failing - terribly) of work and practice! If this only helps one person, it was worth all the effort. If you have any questions about anything, ask here or in the YouTube comments, I will be happy to answer! Here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXDIYgb3uSgalI3eyTgc5NV-wEMLMeKvH Thank you!
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