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  1. To Any KH Fans here in the USA and in Canada and are Spotify Users: After a Month of waiting, Utada Hikaru Entire J-POP Discography including the Song "Simple and Clean" are Now available to Stream on Spotify Here Entire Japanese and English Studio Albums are all there. (NOTE: Sanctuary, Her Recent Album Fantome, Plus her Recent 3 singles aren't Available to Stream yet) To anyone i have a "this is Utada Hikaru" Playlist Containing all her music you can follow and listen too. also please follow me also on Spotify Here's the link to my "This Is: Utada Hikaru" Spotify playlist. https://open.spotify.com/user/jtunli...RzeCBwO4yCXebw
  2. Great i have to wait until January 8th to listen to Hikki music on Spotify, UGH THANKS TAYLOR SWIFT.
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