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  1. From the very beginning of the Kingdom Hearts series, the return of Kingdom Hearts was treated as a good thing.  In the story that Kairi’s Grandma told her, she said, “But the true light still sleeps, deep within the darkness.  That’s why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other.  But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open.  And the true light will return.”

    However, somehow it started being treated as a bad thing by Kingdom Hearts III.  Before the fight with Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort, Riku said to Master Xehanort, “If you do summon Kingdom Hearts, we will defeat you, and we will close it again.”  And that is exactly what they did.

    So, why this change?  Why is the return of Kingdom Hearts suddenly treated as a bad thing?  I have an idea as to why that is.

    I think that in order for Kingdom Hearts to reunite all worlds, it was going to have to purge them, which is what Master Xehanort wanted.  Everyone and everything would be consumed by darkness and destroyed just so the World could be returned to the way it used to be: one single united world that was equal in light and darkness.

    Therefore, even though many have thought that Kingdom Hearts' return would be a good thing, such as Kairi’s Grandma, they did not realize that it would actually be a bad thing.


    I think the reason why Sora had to pass through the hearts of the guardians and not just jump straight into Kairi's heart is that he needed the guardians to restore Kairi.  Even if Sora jumped into Kairi's heart, he wouldn't be able to save her because her heart was split into seven fragments and hidden by Master Xehanort.  However, by tracing the hearts of seven of the guardians, including himself, he found all seven fragments of Kairi's heart.

    I don't think that Sora contradicted what Chirithy told him.  I think that the times that Sora interfered were moments that were destined to happen.  After all, without Sora being there, Lingering Will being destroyed, Roxas' heart leaving Sora's heart, and the guardians of light being saved after their battle with the Replica Xehanorts would not have happened.  So, I think that Sora was destined to travel back in time and interfere when he did.

    I also don't think that this story confirmed who the official seven guardians of light are.  When Sora came up with the idea to trace the hearts of two more guardians in order to find the remaining two fragments of Kairi's heart, he didn't say, "What if I can trace the hearts of the remaining two guardians..."  He said, "What if I can trace the hearts of two more guardians..."  Meaning that there are more than seven guardians.  They started with seven, but as the final battle progressed, more guardians were added to their ranks, and two of these guardians are still considered to have been official members of the seekers of darkness even after they became guardians (Terra and Xion).

    As for Armored Xehanort, I noticed something.  After Sora, Donald, and Goofy originally defeated the Replica Xehanorts, Master Xehanort absorbed them.  When he did, the Replica Xehanorts turned into pure darkness and entered him, turning him into Armored Xehanort.  Then, after Kairi is finally saved, we see more darkness that looks just like the darkness that entered Master Xehanort combine to create Armored Xehanort.  So, I think that these were the Replica Xehanorts that the guardians were just fighting and that they once again combined to create Armored Xehanort, which is why Armored Xehanort can exist at the same time as Master Xehanort.

  3. Now that the Dark Seeker Saga has reached its conclusion, I thought it would be fun to rank some of my favorite things that the saga gave us (some of these lists may include spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind).

    Best Games


    I decided to only including games that were released on game systems and not on mobile devices, so this is the only list that will not be a top 10.  Also, out of all these lists, this is the only time I will explain why I ranked them the way I did, although I will try to keep my explanations as brief as possible.

    1. Kingdom Hearts
      • While Kingdom Hearts II improved on gameplay, it did not improve on almost anything else.  The worlds are better in this game since you actually get to explore them, and this game’s story is the best story in the entire Dark Seeker Saga.  Plus, this game handled the Disney characters the best of all the games in the Dark Seeker Saga.
    2. Kingdom Hearts II
      • When it comes to gameplay, this game is second to none.  Plus, it has the best ending of all the games in the Dark Seeker Saga.
    3. Kingdom Hearts III
      • This game looks the best of all the games in the Dark Seeker Saga.  In addition, it has the best world designs, the best soundtrack, and the best moments in the entire Dark Seeker Saga.  I was really tempted to put this game in the number one spot because everything you experience after you finish the Disney worlds is the best Kingdom Hearts game ever, including the additional episodes that were part of the DLC.  However, I think that the two games I listed above this one are better overall experiences, which is why I ended up putting this game in the number three spot.
    4. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
      • I think this game is good enough to be up there with the numbered games.  I think the gameplay is fun, it has one of my favorite selection of worlds to visit (both Disney and non-Disney), and the story is one of my favorites in the Dark Seeker Saga.
    5. Kingdom Hearts [Dream Drop Distance]
      • This is the first time the story in a Kingdom Hearts game felt overly complicated to me.  However, I think that the gameplay is fun, and I love the Disney worlds that we get to explore, even if they do feel like big empty boxes at times.
    6. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-
      • While short, this game was extremely fun and gave you quite a lot to do considering its length.
    7. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
      • The missions got repetitive, and many of the missions were boring and/or annoying.  However, the story is one of my favorites in the entire Dark Seeker Saga.
    8. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
      • I’m not a big fan of the gameplay in this game, and the worlds are just the same rooms over and over again with a different skin.  However, I think that it has a good story.
    9. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
      • This game’s story isn’t all that interesting or important to the overall story of the Dark Seeker Saga, and the gameplay was ruined for me by constantly having to enter the System Sectors, which got old for me really fast.

    Top 10 Bosses

    Top 10 Bosses

    1. World of Chaos (Kingdom Hearts)
    2. Xemnas – Final Form (Kingdom Hearts II)
    3. Master Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts III)
    4. Armored Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind)
    5. Ansem/Xemnas/Young Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts III)
    6. Ansem – Second Form (Kingdom Hearts [Dream Drop Distance] – Riku)
    7. Riku-Ansem (Kingdom Hearts)
    8. Axel (Kingdom Hearts II)
    9. Xion – Final Form (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)
    10. Sora’s Heartless (Kingdom Hearts Re:coded)

    Top 10 Heroes

    1. Sora
    2. Axel/Lea
    3. Roxas
    4. Riku
    5. Kairi
    6. Xion
    7. Terra
    8. Aqua
    9. Ventus
    10. Namine

    Top 10 Keyblades


    I decided to only include Keyblades that you can equip.

    1. Ultima Weapon (Kingdom Hearts III)
    2. Omega Weapon (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)
    3. Two Become One (Kingdom Hearts II)
    4. Lionheart (Kingdom Hearts)
    5. Metal Chocobo (Kingdom Hearts)
    6. One-Winged Angel (Kingdom Hearts)
    7. Oathkeeper (Kingdom Hearts III)
    8. Oblivion (Kingdom Hearts III)
    9. Ocean’s Rage (Kingdom Hearts [Dream Drop Distance] – Riku)
    10. No Name (the Keyblade you unlock by defeating Mysterious Figure in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)

    I would like to give an honorable mention to the Kingdom Key.  I like it for being the most iconic Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series since it’s Sora’s Keyblade, but that’s about it.

    Top 10 Music

    1. Fate of the Unknown (Kingdom Hearts II)
    2. Fantasia Alla Marcia (Kingdom Hearts II)
    3. The Other Promise/Vector to the Heavens (remix from Kingdom Hearts III)
    4. Oscurita di Xehanort (remix from Kingdom Hearts III)
    5. Enter the Void (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)
    6. Enter the Darkness (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)
    7. Vector to the Heavens (Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX)
    8. The Other Promise (Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX)
    9. Dark Impetus (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)
    10. Lord of the Castle (Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind – Limitcut Episode)

    I would like to give an honorable mention to The Key to Light (the Kingdom Hearts III version) and Beneath the Lanterns (cutscene music from Kingdom Hearts III).  Both of these pieces of music hold a special place in my heart.  I just like the pieces of music included on this list more than them.

    Top 10 Villains


    Since there are characters in the Kingdom Hearts series who are villains one day and heroes the next, I decided to include characters who were villains for the entirety of at least one game.

    1. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
    2. Xemnas
    3. Master Xehanort
    4. Vanitas
    5. Marluxia
    6. Xigbar/Braig
    7. Xaldin
    8. Saix
    9. Larxene
    10. Lexaeus

    I would like to give an honorable mention to Demyx.  I really like Demyx as a character, but I don’t really like him for being a villain.  Because of that, I decided not to include him on this list.  To me, Demyx isn’t really a hero or a villain.  He’s just Demyx.

    Top 10 Worlds

    1. Keyblade Graveyard (Kingdom Hearts III)
    2. Neverland (Kingdom Hearts)
    3. Symphony of Sorcery (Kingdom Hearts [Dream Drop Distance])
    4. Timeless River (Kingdom Hearts II)
    5. Disney Castle (Kingdom Hearts II)
    6. The Caribbean (Kingdom Hearts III)
    7. Toy Box (Kingdom Hearts III)
    8. Prankster’s Paradise (Kingdom Hearts [Dream Drop Distance] – Sora)
    9. Monstro (Kingdom Hearts)
    10. Atlantica (Kingdom Hearts)

    But these are just my personal favorites from the Dark Seeker Saga.  What are yours?

  4. 4 hours ago, TheThirteenth said:

    kairi was killed off and now retconned in the DLC which I was happy to see but then just when I thought the dev team had put some thought into her arc she is literally PUT INTO A COMA FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

    Sora was also put into a coma for an entire year, but that didn't make him any worse of a character.

    In the Limitcut Episode, it is explained that everyone is trying different things to find Sora.  Kairi willingly let herself be put into a coma so that Ansem the Wise, Ienzo, and Even could search her heart because she believed that her heart could hold a clue about Sora.  So, she is doing her part.  She just isn't actively doing something like most of the others are.

    Now, if she remains in a coma, then that could become an issue.  However, the ending cutscene of the Limitcut Episode hinted at Kairi's involvement in getting Sora back.  Fairy Godmother showed up and told Riku that his dreams may hold the key that leads them to Sora.  Riku said, "In my dreams...?"  And Fairy Godmother responded, "And...the other two."  And after she says this, we are shown Kairi.

    Will the female characters be given more time to shine?  Only time will tell.  However, I don't think it's fair to give up just yet since Nomura seems to be hinting at Kairi playing an important role in saving Sora.

  5. It's no secret that there were many things about Kingdom Hearts III that left fans feeling disappointed.  However, from everything we've seen and heard, it looked like the DLC, Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind was going to address many of those issues.  Did it succeed, or did it drop the ball?

    This review will be split into two parts.  The first part will be my review of Re:Mind.  The second part will be my thoughts on whether or not Re:Mind fixed the big issue I had with Kingdom Hearts III.

    EDIT: I somehow accidently trapped part 2 of my review within part 1, and I have no idea how to fix it.  So, if you're looking for it, that's where it is.

    Part 1:


    The Re:Mind Episode is fantastic and somehow is an even more epic finale than the base game was, which I didn't think was possible.  In addition, it included a lot of what fans were asking for (the other guardians of light being playable, Scala ad Caelum being explorable, and Kairi having more to do).  My only issue with it was that it included a lot of fights and cutscenes that we already experienced in the base game.  However, since there were some new ways to experience the fights and some new cutscenes, it is only a small issue for me.

    The Limitcut Episode showed us that the main heroes (including some of the Final Fantasy characters, which is something fans were asking for) are all searching for Sora in different ways, and one of those ways includes searching for answers in data, which is how the Data Battles (which is also something that fans were asking for) were included.  I did think that including the Data Battles in this way seemed a bit odd, but whatever.  I also loved the new versions of the boss themes for the Data Battles.

    The Secret Episode gave us a tease for what Yozora's involvement in the next saga will be.  I have no idea what it means, but I can't wait to find out.  I also really like that there are two different endings you can get depending on whether you win or lose against Yozora.  It reminds me of the fights in Kingdom Hearts 1 that you could either win or lose.

    Data Greeting is awesome and is way more than I was expecting it to be.  I thought that it would be a lot more like the Sticker Album in Birth by Sleep, but you can literally place 3D models of characters, objects, and effects anywhere in the 3D areas they give you.  That, plus all of the other additions to the game that give you new ways to play (new Keyblades, new abilities, and new game modes), are things that weren't necessary, but they did anyway.

    In conclusion, Re:Mind is a great addition to Kingdom Hearts III.  Even if the Re:Mind Episode does repeat a lot of stuff from the end of the base game, everything that it adds makes Kingdom Hearts III better.

    Part 2:


    While I did have some other smaller issues with Kingdom Hearts III, such as some of the cutscenes going on for too long and some of the gameplay options not being as good as the others, the only big issue I had with the game was that it felt less like a finale and more like setup for the next saga.  I didn't take as much of an issue with the reveal that Xigbar is Luxu and the return of the Foretellers because those moments were saved for the epilogue.  However, there were several plot points introduced before the game ended that went nowhere and are clearly meant to be addressed and/or expanded on further in other games (the New Seven Hearts; Subject X; and the Keyblade legacy within Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene).  That being said, those moments wouldn't have been as big of an issue for me if it wasn't for Sora fading away at the end of the game.

    While it was foreshadowed that Sora was going to pay some sort of price by the end of the game, my issue with it was that it was treated like a cliffhanger ending in a game that is supposed to be a finale to a saga.  This is what really made the game feel like it was just set up for the next saga, and it made those other introduced plot points that went nowhere that much more irritating to me.  If they had only given more time with Sora in his final moments, such as Sora saying his goodbyes to everyone before he eventually fades away in front of them so that it didn't feel as abrupt.  Then, Re:Mind came along.

    Re:Mind gave us more time with Sora as he, fully aware of what was going to happen to him, made the ultimate sacrifice for Kairi.  By spending more time on this, it no longer makes the ending to the base game feel like a cliffhanger ending.  Is there still more setup for the future than I would have liked?  Yes, but since Re:Mind solved my biggest issue with Kingdom Hearts III, I no longer have any big issues with Kingdom Hearts III.

    I originally gave Kingdom Hearts III an 8/10.  I still think that the game is an 8/10, even with the improvements and additions that Re:Mind gave us.  However, I personally like it a lot more now, and I no longer feel like I have to justify giving it such a high ranking in my list of favorite Kingdom Hearts games because I no longer feel disappointed with the ending.

  6. I don't think that there is one that I find the most interesting because they all have interesting things in them.  That being said, I gave my vote to Ansem's Report from Kingdom Hearts 1 because it's actually mentioned at the beginning of the game and it gives you backstory on who Ansem is and what led him to become a villain (until he was revealed to be Xehanort's Heartless in Kingdom Hearts II that is).

  7. I gave my ranking some thought, and I switched some of the movies around.  These are the changes that I made to my ranking:

    I used to have Revenge of the Sith in the #3 spot and Return of the Jedi in the #4 spot, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that they should be switched around.  So, I now have Return of the Jedi in the #3 spot and Revenge of the Sith in the #4 spot.

    I also used to have The Rise of Skywalker in the #5 spot and the Force Awakens in the #7 spot, but I eventually realized that it is actually the opposite for me.  So, I now have the Force Awakens in the #5 spot and The Rise of Skywalker in the #7 spot.

  8. Now that the Skywalker Saga has finally come to a close, I thought that I'd give my ranking of all nine movies, as well as a brief explanation for why each of the movies is where it is.

    1. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
      • This movie changed cinema forever.  While its sequel may have been better, I personally like this movie's story more.
    2. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
      • This is one of those rare instances in which the sequel may be better than the original.  The only reason why it is not number one for me is simply because of personal preference.
    3. Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
      • While the rescuing of Han Solo felt like its own thing that had no connection to the rest of the movie and they reused the idea of the Death Star, this movie is a great ending to one of the greatest trilogies of all time, and it has one of the happiest endings of all time as well.
    4. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
      • This is grandest Star Wars movie in the Skywalker Saga and ties the prequel trilogy into the original trilogy perfectly.
    5. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
      • This is the best movie of the sequel trilogy, but I am not a fan of how similar it is to A New Hope.
    6. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
      • Despite being filled with boring political discussions and featuring a bit too much of the Gungans, I still enjoy this movie for Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, the Duel of the Fates, and the podrace.
    7. Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker
      • This movie is a mess and feels like an entire trilogy crammed into one movie, but I still enjoy it for what it is.  I especially like the banter between the main heroes of this movie.
    8. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
      • I like half of this movie, the half that followed Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as the battle in which the Jedi fought the droid army.  However, I did not like the other half, the half that followed Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala.
    9. Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
      • This movie is visually the best Star Wars movie, but because of how it didn't deliver on any of the plot points that were introduced in the Force Awakens and did its own thing, I like it the least out of all the movies in the Skywalker Saga.

  9. In the Nomura interview in the Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania, Nomura was asked who the seven new black pieces that Eraqus places on the chessboard during the epilogue are.  The Q&A went like this:


    Q: Halfway through the epilogue, we see that there are seven black pieces being used in the new game [of chess]. Are six of these supposed to represent the Master of Masters' six apprentices?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Who is the last piece?
    A: Well...you can guess, but it's a secret.

    So, unless Nomura is not telling us the truth, it seems that Ava will indeed be one of the seven darknesses in the new saga.  As for how she will get there, who knows?  I don't think Luxu did anything to her, at least not in a way that would prevent her from reuniting with the others in the Epilogue, since he said, "I guess Ava didn't make it after all," after looking around for her.  And when accused of excluding her, he said, "Ava had her own mission, and she carried it out."

    If I were to make a guess, in trying to defy the Master of Masters, Ava actually did exactly what the Master of Masters intended for her.  She will probably continue to try to defy the Master of Masters in the new saga.  She may even ally herself with Sora and the others.  However, she will eventually be brought into her master's ranks once again, whether she is convinced to join him or she is forced to.

  10. For me, good completion awards can be anything from secret endings to concept art, just as long as it's more than just an achievment you unlock that declares that you did it.  That being said, I personally think the best kind of completion award is something that can be used in game (such as a powerful weapon or a special item).  This also means that I would either like the game's levels to be replayable or like an option to carry over everything you've unlocked into a new game so that you can use your new unlocked prize in every level in the game.

  11. The things I am most excited for are the new story content and the bosses that will be a part of the new story.  I'm not as excited for the new boss battles against the seekers of darkess as others are, but I'm excited to see what the boss fights against Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and Vanitas are like, and the new screenshot of the fight against Ansem just makes me more excited for it.

  12. I'm glad that Kingdom Hearts III is getting some recognition.  I'm a bit disappointed that it was only "Gold" and not "Platinum" for "Best Soundtrack", but I'm happy that it placed in four categories, especially that it was "Platinum" for "Best Role-Playing Game".  I honestly wasn't expecting it to do this well.

  13. I always thought that Cloud's story was wrapped up in Kingdom Hearts II.  I always thought it was implied that Cloud eventually defeated Sephiroth.  After all, Sora did say that Cloud went somewhere else to defeat the darkness inside him.  In my opinion, the only thing that they could possibly do is show Tifa find Cloud again, but I don't think that's necessary.

  14. The new Re:Mind trailer that was shown at the State of Play revealed a lot of new details.  One of those details is that there is going to be three new stories/episodes, which are listed like this:

    • The additional story: Re Mind
    • Limitcut episode and 13 boss battles
    • Secret episode and boss battle

    I don't know for sure what each of these stories/episodes will include as far as story content, but if I were to make a guess based on what we saw in the trailer (as well as what we saw in previous trailers), I would say that this is what is included in each of them:

    • Re:Mind
      • The story follows Sora as he experiences each of the battles in the Keyblade Graveyard from the other guardians' perspectives in his search for Kairi
      • I think that this is when we will get to play as the other characters in the new scenerios that Nomura talked about, and these new scenerios can either take place before Sora arrived (which I think will be the case with Aqua and Ventus' battle) or after Sora left (which I think will be the case with Roxas, Axel, and Xion's battle)
      • I think that the last fight Sora will see before finally finding Kairi will be the battle between the guardians of light and the Replica Xehanorts in the sky, which I think happened while they were trying to close Kingdom Hearts and Sora, Donald, and Goofy were at Scala ad Caelum, but I don't know when it happened since Master Xehanort absorbed the replicas after Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeated them, but I do have two ideas:
        • Maybe the guardians of light fought the Replica Xehanorts at the same time that Sora, Donald, and Goofy were fighting them, which means that, whenever the Replica Xehanorts teleported away from Sora, Donald, and Goofy, they were actually teleporting to the other battle against the guardians of light
        • Since the Replica Xehanorts are replicas, maybe there were more Replica Xehanorts made that challenged the guardians of light
      • I think that the final boss of this new story will be the boss that we see Kairi fighting in the trailer, which looks like armored Xehanort with the thirteen Keyblades that forged the X-Blade hovering behind him
    • Limitcut Episode
      • This is the one episode that I haven't the slightest clue as to what will happen during it, but maybe this will be the episode where we see the cutscene of the conversation between Young Xehanort and the Master of Masters
      • This might also be when we see the cutscene of the conversation between Xigbar and Luxord and when we find out how Xion returned
      • Basically, I think that this might be an episode that reveals extra story that none of the guardians of light were around to see
      • Maybe those cutscenes are rewards for beating the data battles; for example, you might unlock the cutscene of the conversation between Young Xehanort and the Master of Masters for beating Young Xehanort's data battle or the cutscene of the conversation between Xigbar and Luxord for beating either Xigbar or Luxord's data battle
    • Secret Episode
      • I think that the Secret Episode will follow Riku as he tries to find out what happened to Sora, but I don't think that he will be the only one looking for answers, just that we will follow his search for answers
      • I don't know if Raidiant Garden will be playable, but if I were to make a guess, I would say that it isn't and we just see the Final Fantasy characters in cutscenes
      • However, maybe I'm wrong and Radiant Garden is a world that is explorable in the Secret Episode; after all, it wouldn't be the first time in the series you could explore a new world in a Secret Episode
      • By the end of the episode, I think that Riku and Aqua will go searching for Sora in the Realm of Darkness (and maybe some of the other heroes will join them), and somehow Riku will end up finding his way to the world that he appeared in in the secret ending, which means that by the end of all of these new stories/episodes, I think we will probably know how both Sora and Riku got to where they are in the secret ending

    But these are just my thoughts.  What do you guys think these new stories/episodes will include?

  15. 18 hours ago, Moogle13 said:

    Out of the numbered games, I'm a fan of 2, but good points were made as others said. Of course I'm over here just being a lonely fan of BBS moreso than the others in the series. 2 is the big one, the one where people's favourite fights, music, plot twist, characters and moments happened, but we shouldn't overlook 1, which gave the series a good start and allowed us to have 2 and, more importantly to me, BBS. But all KH games are good and I adore them!

    I'm a big fan of BbS too.  I think it is right up there with the numbered titles.  However, I do like the numbered titles a bit more.  It is really close though.  That just goes to show how good all of these games are.

  16. I agree with just about everything you said in this video.  I do think that Kingdom Hearts II is the best game in the series overall, but that doesn't mean that it is my favorite.  Kingdom Hearts II does have a strong story, a perfect ending that makes me smile every time I watch it, and the best combat in the entire series, which makes it the most fun out of all of the games in the series to play.  However, I think that Kingdom Hearts 1 has better world designs and a better story.  It uses the Disney and Square-Enix characters perfectly (after Kingdom Hearts 1, the Disney and Square-Enix characters started to become less important to the overall story as the Kingdom Hearts series started to become its own thing, which isn't a bad thing, I just liked how well they were integrated into the story in the first game), and it makes the Heartless actually feel like a threat (something that I don't think any of the games that followed managed to do except for a few moments, such as the Battle of Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts II and the multiple battles against the swarms of Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed at the Keyblade Graveyard in Kingdom Hearts III).  In the end, I love all of the games in the Kingdom Hearts series, but Kingdom Hearts 1 is my favorite for being exactly what Square-Enix wanted it to be: a cross between Disney and Final Fantasy.

  17. 21 hours ago, Ursalink said:

    Well, if I have to guess, I suppose the Replica could have been teleported to the Gummi Ship after the battle to keep it safe.   
    Roxas' return unexpected? Sorry, pal, but since this story was the end of an arc, it was obvious Sora woul dhave to save EVERYONE, Roxas included. So, I expected his return from the beginning. Also, the Replica on the Keyblade Graveyard was already wearing the Organization's cloak, just like Roxas; while the Replica used by Ansem the Wise and the others was practically naked. Also, if the Replica from Dark Riku was transported to the Gummi Ship, and then possessed by Roxas, that could explain how it fell from the sky at the last second.   
    Good for you if you find sense in the original story, but I find it more logical this way. 

    I didn't mean that it was unexpected that Roxas returned at all.  I knew that he was going to return, as I'm sure most people, if not everyone, did.  The unexpected part was when he would return.  And even if we knew that he would return in that scene, the characters didn't, so it was unexpected for them at least.  I'm not saying that it makes the most sense out of everything that could have happened, but I think that it does make some sense.

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