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  1. Hmm very interesting theory well it might be possible nice theory man!!
  2. DDD's magic system is good tho
  3. Mahdi Albasri

    [Spoilers] The traitor was reveled.

    Omg that makes sense
  4. Well i heard in the Dream drop distance 3D that Kab cannon drops brilliant fantasy if you let him die but when i tried that he instead dropped an epic fantasy
  5. Mahdi Albasri

    KH2FM Daily Challenges

    OO good luck in the tenth one and you will probably get a headache after then
  6. Mahdi Albasri

    Merry Christmas KH13!

    merry christmas and this is one wonderful post you created we are very happy you did
  7. Mahdi Albasri

    Why do the heartless have munny?

    well Isn't it just for the game?i mean like how else would you have gotten money and why would there be a shop? There is another logic thing,they were once humans that turned into heartless and the heartless has their moneys xDDDD
  8. Mahdi Albasri

    KH 2.8 Giveaway Entry

    omg this music is so good so awesome for a first time. I want to download it but idk how xDDD
  9. Mahdi Albasri

    Need help in making my picture appear in my signature

    It worked when i used the image option. When i tried to type " link [/ img]" "of course i typed the real link and without the spaces and it said error. Thank you so much for helping me
  10. Hello. So this will be my first topic,I wanted to try to make a picture appear in my signature but i don't know how,can anyone tell me please? Thank you.
  11. Mahdi Albasri

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Trailer - Funny Subs

    lol its hilarious and so funny thanks for posting it here
  12. Mahdi Albasri

    What would you like to see on a Kingdom Hearts 3 themed PS4?

    There isn't an everything option? Because i would like everything obviously
  13. Mahdi Albasri

    Harry Spotter

    ahh harry potter i watched it before and it was great
  14. Mahdi Albasri


    Wowow it is indeed amazing im looking forward to when kingdom hearts becomes an anime ohh man
  15. Mahdi Albasri

    I'm not surprised

    well good luck in beating him than