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  1. Bruh Roxas that guy has the worst luck ivbe ever seen in my life
  2. I guess its thier way of saying sorry to us for not having 2.8 appear on the uk psn,hence we couldn't preorder to get the ps4 theme which kinda sucked. Thank goodness i haven't ordered yet ill be sure to get this one!!
  3. I really like the banter between them to, i also really like Nomura's way of doing things its so different from the average game developer, i guess thats what makes his content special! Nomura pls...
  4. What about us here in Europe?? Kh 2.8 not appearing on the uk psn store was already something, i would really love to have this!!
  5. I really love all of them, it would be cool to have Back cover soundtrack sometime in the future i enjoyed quite afe of them too. I would say my two favourites are Ray of hope mix and Final Boss1.
  6. Some of the visuals in that Darkside army fight were pretty insane though
  7. Tbh i actually enjoy demon tower after patch, Now that his moveset can be telegraphed its a much more fun fight. Also i found the Demon tide boss pretty cool although it took me a solid hour to beat it( on critical), the satisfying feeling i got at the end, its nothing less of enjoyable
  8. Antlantica ? no thanks, its a catchy song but no.Don't want that again. Mirage arena was legit though , i really enjoyed it in BBS.
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