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  1. I hate to just reiterate what others in this thread have said, but I can recommend the entire SMT franchise if you like the philosophical story elements and combat and dungeon-crawling mechanics of P5, while Persona 3 and on are good if you like the slice of life stuff. I like both, so I have played a lot of the SMT games at this point. I also can't praise the OSTs of 3 and 4 enough. I still listen to them all the time, and I haven't played the games for years. As for versions, I recommend playing both Persona 3 Fes AND P3P on PSP...one gives you the Fes elements and better gameplay IMO, while P3P gives you the female protagonist storylines. Same with P4 and P4 The Golden, except with Golden giving you Marie. I also really like the fighting games P4: Arena and P4: Arena Ultimax, but I don't know how OP feels about fighting games.
  2. I figured that one out on my own, but thanks! I finished my LP (both Sora and Riku portions) on Saturday and started 2. It was such a tragic story...watching Sora get his head turned upside down from an external POV. I'm working out a video examining memories and psychological manipulation using Re: CoH as a basis. Sora gets so crazed, it broke my heart...I know that feel.
  3. I like this idea. It would also create a natural tension between an emotional choice of companion vs a strategic choice.
  4. It took me a bit of time to get used to it, but I ended up getting a sort of mental pleasure out of stretching my brain to accommodate both melee and card combat at the same time. Then when I got to NG+ and found that Riku's gameplay was still a different type of balancing act, I was even more pleasantly surprised. I'm almost done and I've enjoyed it a lot...will mostly play again.
  5. So far about 30 hours for the actual games (as opposed to 0.2 or KHUX) for my first, mostly blind, playthroughs.
  6. It's like Dark Souls. Certain bosses/mini-bosses are Dwellers on the Threshold, and figuring them out is a rite of passage. Once you internalize the game you beat them without even thinking about it because your brain has been subtly changed...you get to the point where you see the next move coming before the RNG gets done generating it. Zen and the Art of Kingdom Hearts. ;p
  7. Hiya, I'm thePuck! After years of being interested in the franchise but not being able to play them when they came out for various reasons (homeless, then getting off the streets, then starting a business, then going to college, etc), I have finally gotten able to play first 2.8 and now 1.5+2.5 Remix. As expected, I'm in love. Sooo good. Just...sooo good. Now I'm doing a full franchise playthrough and the release of 1.5+2.5 Remix has dominated any and all gaming (I'm ignoring the last Dark Souls3 DLC, though it's one of my fave franchises as well). So yeah...just wanted to connect with the community and find people who love this franchise too. o/
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