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  1. Name: Black Dust - The Pilot [SFM] Category: Kingdom Hearts AU Date Added: 03/24/2019 Submitter: Secrios In this animated feature, watch Will and Jane fight a heartless mobster. Black Dust - The Pilot [SFM]
  2. The world that was left behind is getting an animated feature. See Will and Jane fight a heartless mobster.
  3. Thanks, but I have the writing front covered. If the story ever got fully told, it would be ground breaking.
  4. Thanks. That would be awesome indeed. What are your skill sets?
  5. Black Dust - Animated Music Video The following is a pitch for an upcoming web series called "Black Dust". The OVA The Logo Synopsis In a world similar to our own, a new drug is turning the slums of America into dens of heartless mutants. Agents Adams and Everett team up to stop the Black Dust epidemic from taking over Washington. With guns, car chases and monsters, this night might be your last. What's Next? We at MovieMowDown have completed the first third of production on the pilot episode. It should be done by the end of the year. In the mean time we do have a Patreon if you'd like to support us. We pay our voice actors and artist to do top notch work.
  6. You say that aquas shield is a model and not a particle. Either way, would it be possible to lend a copy of it?
  7. Secrios

    Hello All

    I'll start posting once I get a feel of when most people are online.
  8. Secrios

    Hello All

    Hello all! I am Secrios. An animator with a deep fondness for all things Kingdom Hearts. I'd like to get to know all of you and the Kingdom Hearts community as a whole.
  9. Any animators here?

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      @Emiya, whats Miya?

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      I may have remembered the name wrong. It's an animation software

    4. WayfindersDestiny
  10. MovieMowDown: https://www.youtube.com/user/MovieMowDown I'm working on a Kingdom Hearts web series called "Black Dust"
  11. Joined this awesome site.

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      Welcome to this awesome site! :3

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