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  1. charrylord

    Symbolism in Boxart

    The clock tower also shows the numbers 1 to 13, but not in order
  2. charrylord

    What's your Game of the Year?

    This year was a tough one, between kingdom hears remixes, yakuza 0, breath of the wild, nier, horizon, persona 5, mario odyssey, cuphead, pokemon ultra s/m, danganronpa V3; after playing all of them i can say that my pick is Nier Automata for its crushing story and really really fun and addictive gameplay
  3. charrylord

    How many LATAM players of KHUX¿?

    There a re a lot of LATAM players on KHUX and since buying jewels is imposible here some events are proving to be just too much, like xemnas b or the last quest of xaldin b; sotry quest and lux ranking are pretty aaffordable with just event medals, but HSC are a pain Me personaly i love the game I´m in vulpes and my favorite medal is either HD aqua, Meowjesty or illustrated ansem
  4. charrylord

    Which aspect of Horizon Zero Dawn excites you the most?

    Fighting robot dinosaurs, enough said
  5. charrylord

    Unchained X update

    Can someone post the new apk for android please.
  6. charrylord

    A missing character

    Enoshima Junko is getting more powerful if despair even reached Kingdom Hearts
  7. I played the smartphone adaptation of the gba version.
  8. I'm from Latin America and when the north American version had the update like 2 months ago I downloaded the apk and there was no problem, I had to since there is no version for Latin America yet. Actually as soon as someone uploads the apk I will do it since I don't have any other options
  9. Have you tried downloading the apk from an external source.
  10. Can anyone please upload the apk for the new version, I'm from South America and I can't update since the play store is region locked.