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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. maybe outfits from previous games would be cool
  2. For the main story i would like it to be sora however i would like to play as riku in the realm of darkness with mickey as a partner then play as kairi or lea during their training, what would be really cool is if you got to play as all the keyblade weilders after beating the story but as them and get different reactions from the characters example leon interactions sora-nice to see you again sora riku- you must be riku dont worry i know youre a friend kairi- its nice to see you again be careful out there something like that but throughout the whole game
  3. idk i looked up a guide for terra and got the stickers in the right place but im stuck at 138 or 136 chip and dale are the ones causing it i think
  4. in birth by sleep i think there is a glitch with the stickers i got them all in the perfect spot but i cant get 140
  5. if there is important plot elements released as dlc for the "final mix" it would be a low blow to make it expensive so i think it should be $15-20 depending on length or as a thanks to all the fans completely free
  6. If any spiderman boss weird to be added I would have to say mysterio as he could make you fight friends and old enemies
  7. I want to play as the other weilders Riku- His Story in the realm of darkness with mickey, then travelling to other worlds helping with the fight Kairi- going into sleeping realms or however shes training with lea as her partner or vice versa then i would want something similar to the mirage arena or what days had where you and friends could fight enemies together and maybe a verses mode
  8. I don't want to see a star wars themed world in kingdom hearts 3 but I would like to see Darth Vader or Kylo Ren Would be a good secret boss and donald could get a lightsaber looking staff from it along with a force related ability for sora. I also don't want to see a marvel themed world however for a secret boss I think galactus would be an interesting fight as you would have to protect some unnamed world from him and as a reward goofy would get captain america's shield while sora could get a marvel summon or a magic upgrade from it. As much as i love fighting sephiroth I think if hes included again it would be slightly overkill so I think gilgamesh would be interesting or better yet they pull a direct reference from final fantasy and fight one of your summons, I would like bahaument (or however you spell it). Those are just my suggestions for some secret bosses what do the rest of you think?
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