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  1. I think that we will have to fight Mordu in the Brave world, Syndrome in Metropolis, Ernesto de La Cruz in Coco, Hopper in Bug's Life. There are other potential characters as well. Maybe they have Pete the Prospector as a secret boss or Emperor Zurg. There is still a lot of options, but some Pixar worlds don't work as well as others with combat.
  2. PlayStation Showcase 2021: Thursday, September 9 - YouTube Is it likely we will see Verum Rex be revealed at the PlayStation Showcase on September 9th, 2021? In the teaser PlayStation posted, there is a rendition of "Nachtflügel" from Kingdom Hearts 3. Also I think that it is likely a trailer will be released because we are more than half way through 2021 and it would prepare us for next year's big reveals for KH.
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