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  1. huh, the battle seems less dramatic in 3d hmm an expansion of that could be cool
  2. ah well ive only played the gba version, so thats all i got to go one
  3. was he? didnt he just jump out and then the summon come in?
  4. well it certainly be new as far as kh is concerned, im sure theres something similar in another se game but i cant think what
  5. wouldnt that be a more elaborate version of drive/form changes?
  6. its gonna be deeply ironic if ava turns out to be the most evil of them all
  7. to be honest im sure we know enough about any of them to like them probably ira, hes the unicorn right i keep forgetting whos who
  8. id rather he remained as far away from smash as possible
  9. like i said they had a lot of ideas and we have no way of knowing how developed any of them were
  10. well strictly speaking KH is a disney series, but im gonna go with FF to be fair bravely is sort of a spin off of FF
  11. which ones? from what i understand one of the problems was that the story changed all the time
  12. i reckon a bit of creative licence and dipper and mabel would make awesome teammates. though to be fair a world doesnt need teammates
  13. Gravity falls by far, itd be an amazing world darkwing duck would be pretty awesome too
  14. dont worry when im in charge of disney ill make a lot more hand drawn films
  15. i think they could make any film work if they wanted too. and i agree with everything you say about patf
  16. well maybe we're tired of hearing people talk about how thing "could have been better" and complaining about kingdom hearts being kingdom hearts
  17. princess and the frog and moana are among the ones im hoping to see the most i wouldnt mind the other two
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