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  1. name: Ben Age: 13 GENDER: male Personality: nice, kind, & stutters a little Appearance: Ben has peach color skin and he has blue eyes and he is 5'3 and short and skinny, Homeworld: Destiny Islands Class: Keyblade Wielder Role: messager Weapon SKY BLUE Keyblade Bio: Ben was a baby when he and his family moved to Destiny Islands and as Ben got older Ben met 3 kids a boy named Sora and another boy named Riku
  2. name: Tai age: 13 bio: Tai was your normal kid at 5'3 he had brown hair and blue eyes and he also had tan skin and Tai's body was medium build, Tai grew up on Destiny Islands with his mom and his dad and his brothers Sora & Riku and Tai also loved to play video games and loves to have adventures. clothes: Tai wears green pants with a blue shirt w/ white shoes Keyblade: sky-blue key blde
  3. Name: Tai age: 15 gender: male appearance: 5'4 with blonde hair and blue eyes and Tai's body is medium build and he is skinny clothes: wears white shorts & a blue shirt & white sneakers
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