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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Yes you could say those 2 keyblades represent 2 ppl of each trio. Wayfinder. Obvilion Ventus Oathkeeper Aqua Destiny: Obvilion Riku Oathkeeper Kairi Sea Salt: Obvilion Xion Oathkeeper Roxas Also Obvilion has "Xion´s colors" black and blue, and Oathkeeper has "Roxas´s colors" white, yellow and blue
  2. @SweetYetSalty Totally agree with you, Namine really only works with the memories of others, I could not see her fighting... And the paralelism between Ventus-Vanitas/Roxas-Xion was interesting... But yeah, for now, everything points to Xion, her supposedly grey hair in the Opening, the "Who are you" quote, the kingdom key pointing to Axel just like she did with Roxas, etc
  3. I´m not even sure if she truly is Kairi´s nobody, all I know is that DiZ called her a special case, I just think that even if she does live in Kairi´s heart, she isn´t her nobody, she´s blonde bc of Ventus, she can manipulate the memories of those connected to Sora, she just ended up living in Kairi´s heart.... So maybe she could wear a keyblade bc of Sora´s influence, but I still think it´s more likely to be Xion
  4. I still think they might remake Days if the fans want to. I´m sure they´ll have a lot of things to think about for the new saga
  5. I still all the "Sora´s" will become their own person if KH3. Most of the Sora´s weren´t even born from his heart, Vanitas was born from Ventus, Xion was made with Sora´s memories of Kairi by Vexen... The closest you can get to Sora is Roxas and Namine
  6. Even if Roxas can wear 2 keyblades because of Ventus, for him Obvilion represents Xion, and Oathkeeper represents himself
  7. HanonPhantomhive


    Xion was a replica of Sora, not Roxas.
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