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  1. Young Xehanort is so cute I like such type 😘 A couple of months ago my friend had a cosplay party at his place. And there was a guy there with such a hairstyle as on the picture below. He looked just stunning I should say I'm still thinking about having such a hairstyle... But I've never dyed my hair before, and it seems risky to me. I've found a tip on how to lighten hair without chemistry: https://mystraightener.com/question/what-can-i-use-to-lighten-my-hair-at-home/ But I still afraid that I can just burn my hair. It would be a real tragedy to me.
  2. Super Mario Bros. is the worst game based movie I've ever seen I think I'm afraid to check this movie out just not to see something worse
  3. Oh! That's awesome. You are lucky to find something like this in your area
  4. Aqua & Terra, definitely! I just love them
  5. Newbie here too! Nice to meet everyone. KH is the most awesome stuff ever. That's why I'm here, actually
  6. Greetings, stranger! :)

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